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Descaling the Behmor Brazen Plus - which descaler?

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  • Descaling the Behmor Brazen Plus - which descaler?

    Hi guys,

    Been enjoying my Brazen Plus for some time now, I think I have found a sweet spot which gets me a coffee taste I like, but still lots to tweak around. The manual mentions not to use vinegar but a descaling solution. Can you guys recommend a good descaling solution and where to get it from? The ones from Coles/Woolworths work?


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    The Brazen is a great thing, never turned the espresso machine on last week at work (weather was too hot) but used the Brazen twice a day.

    Good question though, I've never descaled mine but if I was looking I would start with one of the Cafetto products.

    I'll find out what is Behmor recommended though.


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      Thanks Andy. I have even ditched my Bodum Pebo since I got the Brazen. I doubled the coffee strength in the Brazen to make cold coffee for the summer evenings, and the coffee still tastes brilliant after keeping it in the fridge mixed with milk.


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        Did you find out what Behmor recommends for descaling the unit? I was looking at the Cafetto line up, too many varieties in there. Would something like this work? Liquid Organic Descaler 1L - Cafetto Online


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          Want to use citric acid? Nobody ever put on an adequate answer to this, so here's an update from the horse's mouth. This cut and pasted from Behmor Tech Support email reply to me:

          Thank you for contacting us [Behmor].

          Vinegar depending upon strength can be highly caustic and while remote havea negative effect on metal. Further we have found vinegar to be ineffective forproper descaling. Given these two combined vinegar as a descaler should not beused in the Brazen. We recommend Dezcal or citric acid mixed either to theDezcals instructions or those shown for citric acid.

          Descaling Procedure: Mix 50 g (4 T) of granular citric acid in 2 cups ofwarm water until dissolved. This is 10%. Note: Many peopleuse 1 T/4 cups as a maintenance solution - we are doing restorative, hence muchstronger, but with very short contact time. You can find citric acid at feedstores, homebrew shops, pharmacies and chemical supply houses. Dezcal commercial descaler willwork as well.

          Put 10% solution in brewer.
          With manual release, heat to 150 F.
          Release water until half is gone - about 30 seconds. (fully clogged unitsstarted flowing within about 15 seconds)
          Shut the valve and wait 30 seconds.
          Open the valve and allow to fully drain.
          Solution can be saved for many more uses.
          Fill reservoir with water. Again, heat to about 150 and let drainthrough. If everything is now working right, release time should bebetween 2:30 and 3:00 minutes.

          You may wish to run a 2nd rinse.

          Hope this helps.