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  • Another Aeropress mesh filter

    Hi all

    Just acquired another aeropress mesh filter which goes by the grand name of 'Reinhard Gold Blossom pressure controllable dial-type metal filter for Aeropress' (RGB filter for short).

    This is all difficult to explain, but the interesting aspect of this filter, as well as the mesh filter, is a metal plate that replicates the holes in the Aeropress filter basket except for nine that are blanked off. The metal plate has a metal locating tag that fits into the side holes in the Aeropress filter basket. As it is rotated through 22.5 degree increments the holes in the filter partially blank off the filter basket holes in an almost kaliedscope manner, thereby restricting flow. The manufacturers claim this allows pressure to be controlled with low pressure providing an 'acid and flavourful taste' for French press type coffee, and the higher pressure provided by the restricted flow providing 'sweet and soft taste' for Americano type coffee. The plate I received is described as a CORE plate. Web searches also show an RGB Barista kit which offers a second 'Low pressure' plate with finer holes.

    The stainless steel mesh filter is described as 250 mesh, which makes comparison difficult. The Kaffeologie S mesh filter is described as providing 41 micron holes yielding 100,000 plus holes per square inch. The Able disc web page doesn't provide any quantitative measure of that filter.

    Results? I probably don't have a refined enough palate, and can't discern any great difference in the few brews that I have done so far. But there is certainly no detrimental result.

    The filter is made in Korea but the manufacturer web page does not appear to offer a sale facility. Curiously, the only retail outlets seem to be a coffee roaster/cafe in New Zealand, an apparent offshoot of the same roasters in London, and mentions in the Netherlands and Phillipines.

    Of interest to pour-over aficionados, the same manufacturer offers a cloth type stainless steel mesh filter for the Chemex and Hario. This is called the Flatex ( perhaps unfortunately a bit too similar to flatus?) and is described as providing 0.018mm mesh and claims a cleaner result than from the AbleKONE.

    No connection with this product - just putting it out there for anyone interested. A web search will soon provide more info for those interested.

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    I just bought another pack of paper filters so I probably wont run out for another 2 years but im curious as to why you swapped to mesh and what u think the difference is? Im not really short on toys cos I have a mesh drip, filter drip, cloth drip, plunger, syphon and of course an aeropress but havent bought a disc.... yet.


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      Different types of filters yield different results in the cup.

      Java "Plus you don't have to wash the paper ones!" phile
      Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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        Originally posted by t0fu View Post
        im curious as to why you swapped to mesh and what u think the difference is?
        Hi t0fu,
        Each filter creates its own style of taste. Some love the clean cup the paper filter produces while others like more of the viscous oils in the brew from the mesh filters. I own 3 of the mesh filters, the AbleFine, Kohi Labs and S filter.

        The AbleFine is my least favourite. In all honesty I don't like the brews at all. They aren't sweet, more towards a strange kind of bitter.

        The Kohi Labs filters produces an excellent sweet cup with a nice body and really filters out those fines. I recommend it for both fine grinds (very fine if you please) and for those who like courser grinds for Aeropress.

        The S filter wins over the Kohi for one reason, you don't have to be worried about warping the filter. The Kohi Labs filter has a tendency to fray if you're rough with it or get creases all through it which results in grounds getting into the cup.

        This new filter sounds interesting but I don't think I will require it.


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          Quite simply, I bought the mesh filter so that I don't have to carry paper filters. One of my principal uses is camping and the less gear to carry the better. I know the paper filters can be reused quite a few times, but would rather not have to worry about carrying more. There is also the problem of running out when filters are not that readily available outside of major cities and online purchases aren't practical while on the move.

          Mesh is claimed to let through more oils, and maybe slightly more sediment, but I think the latter is so little as to be insignificant. Some claim that paper filters impart a taste, but I haven't experienced that as a problem either.

          Mesh or paper, the Aeropress is still a very quick and simple brewing process that provides a very acceptable coffee. The simplicity of cleaning is also a major factor when water usage is a real issue for remote area travel.

          Although I already have a Kaffeologie S filter the RGB was so intriguing that I couldn't resist. Buying these gadgets is probably an Aeropress users' substitute for upgraditis!


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            Thanks for the replies guys I might take a look at that s filter. Ive held back on buying the meshes because imo they seem overpriced but seeing people happy with their purchases fuels my curiosity.