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Cleaning manky plunger filter - amazing success!

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  • Cleaning manky plunger filter - amazing success!

    I recently received some used coffee plungers, one of which looked like it may have been left for a very long time without being emptied - the filter mesh was black, it looked like it had been painted! This did not scrub off with a brush, and I thought it was completely ruined.

    I ended up soaking it in a strong mix of dishwasher detergent - it took two soakings of about 30 mins, but the gunk was completely removed. I wish I had taken a before photo so I could show how well it worked, but I honestly expected it to fail and to throw it out.

    This is worth keeping in mind for anyone who has a filter they are having trouble cleaning.

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    Use backflush powder for cleaning things like that. It works much faster than dishsoap/washer detergent as it's designed to remove that exact type of gunk.

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