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Buy a half decent stovetop in Adelaide

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  • Buy a half decent stovetop in Adelaide

    Hi all, first post here. Have had a look at existing threads, but thought I would join up as I didn't find an answer.

    I am looking to buy a 4-cup stovetop stainless steel coffee maker. It will be a backup for my espresso machine, and for camping/travel.

    I was going to buy a Bialetti Venus ($52), until I discovered they are made in China. Then became interested in a Vev Vigano Vespress, but I can't find them anywhere online in Australia. The Vev Vigano Bora (Spanish made) is available online - are they any good? The Kontessa is available in stores for $120 - a bit pricey for me, but is it worth it?

    What other brands should I look at?

    Any other suggestions of a reasonable quality Italian made machine? And where to buy in store in Adeaide, or order online? Budget is up to around $100 - less is better, but may pay slightly more if worthwhile.

    I'm camping on Friday 30/9, so getting one by then would be nice!

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Try Rio Coffee, They have an excellent range.

    Would suggest a visit, lots of others things coffee and Italian as well, well worth the effort.

    22 Nelson St, Stepney SA

    (08) 8362 3376


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      Thanks. I called Rio though, and they only have 2 stainless steel stovetop pots - Bialetti and Euro Line. I think both are Chinese.

      I have also called Simply Coffee at Kent Town. They seem to know what they are talking about. They have, in 4-cup:
      - Incasa Designer Series, $115. Made in China but apparently very good, comparable to the Italian ones below.
      - Vev Vigano Kontessa, $130-$140 depending which style, I think.
      - Stella Aroma, $140.


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        Could try complete cafe services glenunga store


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          I managed to see a Stella Aroma in a shop. It looks nice in real life, better than I expected from photos online. Feels quite solid and heavy. The base is very small, so I guess that would force you to use quite a small flame if using gas, or it would go up the sides.

          I'm considering this one. Was $180 where I was looking so I won't get it there.

          I'm told Stella has gone out of business, and for that matter that Vev Vigano has as well... killed off by either pod machines or Chinese manufacturing, depending who you ask.

          My concern is - are 3rd party seals likely to be available?


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            Stella and Vev Vigano seals available online from Caffe Bianchi in Leichhardt in Sydney.