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Atomic - Just looks cool and retro or actually works well too?

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  • Atomic - Just looks cool and retro or actually works well too?

    Hi all,

    My wife and I are looking at purchasing our first grinder and espresso machine. We have finally evolved from pod machines and stove tops.

    We are looking to spend about $1000 all up. So far we are heading towards the Breville smart grinder pro as the reviews seem good and a couple of friends have them and are happy.

    We love retro things and a wife's friend recommended the Atomic. They look great but are they worth the money? i normally drink espresso and my wife is a flat white drinker.

    Any help is much appreciated.

    ATOMIC Cappuccino Coffee Maker Machine BON TRADING Badge | eBay eBay link removed as per Site Posting Policy
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    G'day mate
    I can't speak for the atomic as such, but after using a stovetop for a long time I have been using a Little Guy (OTTO) paired with a Lido 2 grinder for about 18 months and so far I am pretty happy.
    They are both well built pieces of equipment and should be in the ball park budget wise.
    Cheers Dan


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      The Otto is probably easier to use than an atomic. Have had some very good flat whites made with one. There is a learning curve of course so don't expect perfection first up with anything you get.

      Could be worth looking at a jetblack referbished lelit unit at your price point as well. Send them an email or call, details on their sponsor page in the sponsor forum.


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        Cheers Dan,

        just checked out the OTTO online. Nice bit of kit.


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          Thanks trentski. The OTTO's review well.


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            Hi Pudd,
            I have had an Otto for about 8 years and love it


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              Atomic - Just looks cool and retro or actually works well too?

              Just be aware that The Little Guy (formerly Otto The Little Guy) stovetop espresso maker is currently out of production so if you can find one and you like it I'd grab it before they're all gone.
              The latest update on their Facebook page indicates that Craig the owner had no luck selling the business or international license so he's put it on hold while he concentrates on other projects. It looks like The Little Guy might get a reboot in about 12 months time.


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                First post for me on this site. I love my Otto. Had it for about 3 years. It makes a better coffee than most cafes. Just got an Atomic in the post off Trade Me (NZ) for $300, but needs a lot of work before it will be useable. I recomend ottos/the little guy for your budget!