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Tip find- Behmor Brazen Plus (not working of course)

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  • Tip find- Behmor Brazen Plus (not working of course)

    While dropping off some random cables and old electronics at my local recycling centre, I was very happily surprised to see a Behmor Brazen Plus recently discarded!

    I’ve had my eye on one of these, so I couldn’t resist salvaging it. Of course, it doesn’t work. Plugged it in, doesn’t seem to get any power at all.
    I’ve disassembled it, thinking there might have been a blown fuse or similar, the only damage I can see is a slight crimp in the ribbon cable that connects the control panel to the logic board. I’ll try replacing this, but thought I’d put it out to the hive mind
    1) did this belong to anyone in the forum?
    2) anyone have any experiences of Brazens developing power faults?
    3) is it worth contacting Behmor support?They’re very helpful when dealing with roasters, but I suspect not so helpful with something I found discarded (can’t blame them, to be honest)

    If the ribbon cable doesn’t work, I’ll put it on the pay it forward section. At the very least a spare carafe for someone!

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    Good luck with this one. Maybe you know someone that could check the transformer has a output voltage.


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      If the cable doesn’t fix it, my next step is to book it in to a Repair Cafe. Volunteers who help try to fix things to prevent them going to landfill!


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        That's a awesome thing!
        I have never heard of a repair cafe


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          Update: the repair cafe were helpful, but couldn’t resurrect it. It has power to the main circuit board, but they couldn’t tell if it had power to the control board or not. Circuit might be broken somewhere in the drip or heating mechanism. Will put it up on the pay it forward section.


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            How are the Brazens holding up to service? I am a little torn between being able to dial in the temp (Brazen - 2 year warranty; made in China? but with a good reputation) and the Tech' Mocomaster (Netherlands built and 5 year warranty and seemingly a tank of a build) with no adjustment of temp and Andy has posted elsewhere that many beans prefer a lower temp to what the Mocomaster settles on (as being the so called Gold Standard temp range). Anyone had a Brazen for over 2 years who can chime in?



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              My Brazen, or my Martian as I call it (Did anyone else escape to The White Mountains in their younger days?) is about to celebrate its 5th anniversary here. In that time it has pumped out many hundreds of pots of perfectly brewed coffee including larger gatherings where it made pot after non-stop pot all day long with never a hiccup on the day or at any other time.

              Java "Loves his tripod" phile
              Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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                Thanks Java. Exactly what I was hoping to hear. How long does the carafe keep the coffee hot for? Cheers


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                  On a relaxed morning it can take me a couple of hours to go through a full pot and it's still hot when I pour the last cup.

                  Java "Sipping away" phile
                  Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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                    G'day Oz...

                    I regularly make more than I can drink in a day so that our son can have a couple of cups when he gets home from work.
                    That's a break from brewing 'til he gets home of between 6-8 Hrs and it's still plenty hot enough by that time. If not, there's always the μ-wave to boost it up a bit but that's not usual.



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                      Thanks good people!. Very helpful. Hopefully some stock will arrive soon. Cheers