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Anyone upgraded a ROK to GC? Or compared original ROK to the GC?

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  • Anyone upgraded a ROK to GC? Or compared original ROK to the GC?

    I picked up a ROK on gumtree for not much money and am actually pretty thrilled with it. Took a couple weeks to get it dialled in but now am pulling some very nice shots.

    Discovered I could upgrade it to the GC but can't find any kind of head to head comparison online. Looks like all the stuff ATM is about putting it up against the flair, which isn't really relevant.

    Thought I might reach out here to see if anyone could shed some light about whether it's worth spending the money?

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    I did the upgrade as soon as I got the ROK so can't really comment on before and after. I can tell you however that putting in the newly designed silicon filter is a PITA, don't believe the youtube videos that make it look so simple, it is a right royal PITA. (There's not one video that does the install in one single take cause it's such a fiddly pita) So much so that I no longer pull it out after brewing to let the chamber dry properly.
    And the additional pressure from the GC causes the filter to leak like crazy. I've extended the PF handle to increase leverage so I can get a tighter fit and stop the leaks.
    Hope that helps.


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      a late reply but hopefully u find this useful.
      I upgraded my busted up presso (the old one) to the GC after comparing a seal/gasket kit price to the upgrade price. Its well worth doing imho and the performance of the machine is much improved. ive lowered my dosage to 15-17g of coffee because the GC can blow out the shower screen quite easily now that it can can push more pressure through the lever. The new material is leaps and bounds better for retaining heat. My current setup is to use a pressurised basket to block the flow of hot water when its heating up whilst i fill and measure the double basket. im using a lower dose, super fine grind and a heavy tamp and aim to get 30-40grams of liquid out the other side. I swap the baskets when im ready to pull. It does a good job but its really important to match up the amount of coffee beans you grind to the amount of liquid extracted. There is enough water capacity to pull something ridiculous like 65+grams of liquid but thats probably too much for too little coffee. Alot of people, myself included used to really pack the basket to 20g of coffee and do the water jiggle trick to get more resistance and more pressure out of the machine but that isnt necessary anymore and imo thats probably why some people have complained of the GC blowing out because they are using the same force on the old machine as the upgraded machine. These days i dont chase the crazy pressure and crema as much and take advantage of the preinfusion that can be done with the better insulation/thermal stability that the GC offers.

      So yes! its definately worth the upgrade for $45 and will probably stop the upgradeitis itch of looking at a flair or robot.