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  • Tantiendat / Vietnamese phin

    I found one of these cute little stainless steel filter cup sets in Sydney's Chinatown tonight. Only $5.
    Looks like it could be a fun little thing to have around the office to make an easy fresh brew! Keen to test it out.
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    Have fun, I have some difficulty in drinking Vietnamese coffee as it is too sweet with the sweetened condensed milk, if you can get some chicory you can also make Indian coffee with that thing. Regular coffee would probably not be too bad with that thing I suppose but I have never tried it. I don't have one but my Vietnamese and Indian friends have made me coffee in these things (the Indian one had another level but I think it was just a receptical for collecting and dispensing). The coffee they made me was okay, but I attribute the poor quality of the coffee to the fact that pre-ground coffee was used.