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  • Starting Out - Manual Option

    Looking for some advice on the best options to use with a Mokka Pot to being with. In terms of beans/coffee I'm looking at getting either beans or pre-ground from my daily cafe but not sure on:

    - For best outcome should I get a grinder and grind the beans each time of will pre-ground work just as well?
    - In terms of a grinder what's a good option to begin with, not really looking to spend more than say $200 to begin with.....happy enough with a mechanical option for example for now.

    Don't have the funds for a full blow setup right now in terms of a home machine/good grinder but looking for the best home option for now. Should I be looking at a Moccamaster or similar instead for a better outcome ?

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    Hi David

    Grinding the beans fresh will always give a better flavour. The freshness of the beans (ie roasted within the last three weeks) will make the biggest impact on the quality of your coffee, irrespective of brewing technique.




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      To give you a few options for manual grinders have a look at site sponsor Alternative Brewing, they have a really good range here ( The ones I like based in your price range on reviews (not actual experience) are Hario Pro Mill Slim / Skerton and the Precision Hand Grinder. The Precision being the most solid built of those options and there are a few recent threads here on CS about this grinder. If you want to stretch your budget to premium manual grinders then the Lido, Commandante and Helor grinders have a big following but are all $250+.

      In terms of electric grinders you could have a look at some entry level grinders like Breville BCG820, Sunbeam EM480 (Breville and Sunbeam are often on sale on eBay) or Baratza Encore.

      Second hand for $200-$400 you could pickup a Compak K3, Mazzer Mini or Rancilio Rocky if you have a hunt around and find a good deal.

      The Moccamaster grinder is specifically made to grind coarse for drip brewers so if you decide to go for a manual/automatic espresso machine later then it won't be as useful.
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