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  • Magic Bell Syphon Coffee Maker


    In the pursuit of good coffee, I explore all brewing possibilities world over and the Vietnamese phin has always fascinated me. Though small it makes a mean cup of Joe. But the humble phin has its own limitations where the grind size decides the brew time and mostly fit for robusta varietals. So for third wave and speciality coffees this is a serious limitation. Accidentally I stumbled onto this Gentleman from China selling his innovative products from Beijing and placed an order for his product. This design though looks like a phin, works on the principles of a bell siphon. It's all stainless steel, very well built ( around 200 grams in weight ) and also has a stainless mesh filter. There is no paper or cloth filters and you can grind the coffee as fine as you want and brew as long as you want and on top of that it's travel friendly. Brewing techniques and recipe possibilities are literally limitless. I can tell you that besides the French press and vacuum coffee , this is one among the best. Not sure of his name, but here is the eBay link for your reference. He also builts coffee roaster and also various other stuff where he sells his stuff on eBay . By the way not sure if there is any product like this in the market now and this is a awesome brewer in the single cup coffee market.

    YouTube Demo

    How the Bell syphon works ?

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    Interesting. Thanks for sharing!


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      Yes, interesting and a good conversation starter.

      Being a coffee brewer tragic I have ordered one to add to my collection.

      Ah, the dangers of self isolation boredom and eBay.


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        Commercial links such as this are in contravention of the Site Sales and Posting Policy.
        You will have to remove it mate...



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          Super Interesting - this might have to be my next 'isolation' activty.


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            Folks ....besides the smaller 6.8 ounce brewer , looks like the gentleman might manufacture a bigger brewer with 10 ounce capacity. This is a good replacement for clever coffee dripper ....where the lever breaks after a while. Search for “ magic Syphon coffee “ in eBay. I have not tried the bigger brewer and am waiting shipment. But the smaller sized brewers rock and they make splendid cup without any paper filter.


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              Being curious and after a bit of research went and got one...its well suited to travel use being made of stainless steel, kind of fun and totally different
              I can see opportunities for refinement but it works pretty well. Aeropress paper filters fit well once a hole is centre punched in them too, fwiw