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  • Tiamo Cold Drip HG2669 - Help

    Hi Guys,

    I just bought a tiamo Cold Drip HG2669 online and maybe I'm missing something but it seems to be missing the filter?

    I was hoping that someone could potentially advise on what's missing and where I may acquire the missing components.

    Thanks in advance

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    I believe they use paper filters like these in BeanBay.

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      Thanks Javaphile,

      I will pick up some of those for sure but the thing I noticed that's different were the ones I saw for sale had a section at the top near the taps with a red plug mine doesn't have this it's just a tube:


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        Ah, that must be a newer feature. On the older designs it was just the paper filter as seen in this video at 1:41.

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          Kinda seems like the coffee would just fall down the hole and into the serving flask if I just put the paper filter on top like in the video.

          I guess I can give it a go and report back...


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            If you have the part in your picture I suspect you don't need the paper filter. The part in your picture replaced the paper filter.

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              Yama cold drip has a "ceramic stone" in the bottom under the coffee and the paper filter used on top is more about stopping the splash and drilling a hole into the top of the grounds.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	Yama-Cold-Drip-Ceramic-Filter-460x460.jpg
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              Maybe you are missing the two ceramic/sandstone discs? (or you can just use a paper filter in the bottom too if you "load" it carefully I guess)

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