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    First post, although I've been registered for a while. Came back to sell some coffee equipment, but apparently I need 5 posts rather than just lurking around, so I thought I'd join in.
    Are there many users of the Clever Coffee Dripper here? Any favourite recipes?

    So far I've been doing something like:
    Ratio: 1:15-17
    100c water
    Coarse~ grind, 30 clicks on the C40
    Sit for two minutes, quick stir to get the crust down
    Drain at four minutes

    Based on a YouTube clip I saw.
    I've sort of bounced between V60s, Aeropress, Delter (for a minute) and found the Clever to be a good balance between effort and results.

    Sorry if this has been done to death.

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    Definitely not done to death. Hardly gets a mention in here most of the time.

    I use the clever a fair bit. That's a small cafe I try to visit if I'm driving past who I occasionally get filter beans from. The barista there gives me the recipe for the clever because they were using the clever for all batch brews for a while. It's interesting the difference in some of the recipes. I play around myself now that I've had it for over a year, but early on the recipe that he gave me were always a starting point.

    It varies a bit with the coffee, but typically I'm doing 65g/L, 96°C water, grind around 55-60 on the Niche, agitate, sit for 2min, drain. Some coffees however are more like 93°C, and 1min sit.


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      Chiming in on the topic of clever drippers,

      ​​​​​Is it possible to use a clever dripper like a V60 where there is a constant drainage?


      • flynnaus
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        I have never tried it but it would be possible to use the Clever as a pour over a la V60.

      • level3ninja
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        It's been in the back of my mind to try this for a while

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      Originally posted by deelearn View Post
      Chiming in on the topic of clever drippers, ​​​​​Is it possible to use a clever dripper like a V60 where there is a constant drainage?
      Definitely. You simply have it sitting on top of your cup or other vessel before you start pouring. It’s not conical like a V60 so you need Melita style filter papers for it. I’ve used mine this way a couple of times, but ultimately I think it’s best attribute is being able to combine immersion brewing with percolation.


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        Water off the boil down to 94C depending on roast / coffee.

        15g / 240 - 250g water

        50g bloom and swirl up to 45 sec

        Pour remaining water by 1:00

        ONE little jiggle swirl and drain at 2:00

        Finished by 3:00 to 3:30