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    Hi - first post - go gently!

    I've bought a Bellman, and am fine-tuning my process. Happy with the coffee so far, but something I just can't get right is the temperature of the final drink. The extracted coffee is hot, the mug is warm, and I steam the milk with my hand underneath the jug - until it's just too hot to hold....yet, when I put it all together, the coffee seems luke warm!

    I'm presuming it MUST be the milk?? How do you know when it's hot enough if you can't hold the jug? any ideas, please? thanks

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    Almost certainly the milk given it's probably 3/4 to 9/10 of the final drink volume.

    Easy way to check is to grab a thermometer and i think ideal temperature is 65 degrees from memory (someone may correct me).
    Also to help you can preheat the mug/cup with some hot water - will keep it a few extra degrees warmer for longer particularly in winter!


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      Great advice - thank you!

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      Apologies - just saw you already heat the mug up first. Must be the milk temperature. A thermometer will definitely help with this.
      And the 'ideal' range is 55-65 degrees. So maybe shoot for 60 and see how you go? Much above 65 degrees you'll find the milk will burn and tart tasting not as sweet.

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    I ditched my bellman after a week… good idea but poor results…. I found the back flow of coffee into the water reservoir made the milk taste terrible….

    so first tip is to steam your milk first from a very clean water reservoir….

    second is that the espresso temp is often much cooler than an espresso machine so I found I had to heat the milk hotter….

    just heat the milk to your desired temp and drink…. Use a thermometer if it helps