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Em6910 (might be em 6900), steam no longer working

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  • Em6910 (might be em 6900), steam no longer working

    Problem is, the steamer doesnt steam. the pump is working, it also leaks from the group head when the steamer is on.

    now ive pulled my machine apart, and if i pinch the hose that gos from assist pump to the solenoid, the steam will work with no probs.

    there was also a black power inside this hose as well, which iv have removed.
    im thinking its the solenoid is stuck open all the time, but welcome input before i pull the hole thing apart

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    Hi, I've got a similar problem and have come to the same conclusion (pinching that hose makes the steam work fine)!

    Did you ever resolve your issue? How? Pressure relief valve stuck open?


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      You can attempt to repair this by unscrewing the small plastic screw from the relief output, cleaning the internals of that and reassembling it. If it continues to leak, tighten it in until it stops.
      The steam pump should not really need to have a relief valve as there will never be a blockage in front of the pump output.
      Saying that, I've seen EM6910's with clogged thermoblocks or tubing which creates a total blockage. Even then, the relief valve on the steam pump does not open. I'm not sure exactly how it works.

      If you try this and it is still leaking, if you have an old steam pump somewhere you can swap out the valve internals and it should fix it. Alternatively, buy a new pump. They're only $60-70.


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        Thanks noidle22, will give that a try.

        Having checked just about everything I can possibly try, nothing else that could still be wrong makes any sense, so hopefully this will be the answer!


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          Click image for larger version

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ID:	738568Eureka! Success! That seems to have done the trick!

          Found a little bit of muck on the pressure relief plunger, so maybe that was all it needed!

          Thanks to all the posters on the forum who contributed their collective recorded experiences to help sort this one out (particularly noidle22 and spoko2.

          Will post a few pics of what I pulled apart and found (once I'm allowed to!)
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