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Next upgrade from Francis Francis X1

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  • Next upgrade from Francis Francis X1

    Hi all,

    Currently I have a Francis Francis X1, which my wife bought approx 4 years ago because it looked nice... Coffee shots are inconsistent > and have it matched with sunbeam grinder em0480. I want to uprgade to possibly a Silvia or a HX type machine. With the Silvia Im wondering if it would a sideways rather than a step up. I mainly make milk based drinks for my wife and myself. Any suggestions ?

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    Re: Next upgrade from Francis Francis X1

    Gday Rich,

    Maybe more of a diagonal move than sideways or straight up . You will get better shots from a Silvia (steaming is great) but after owning one for a few years I still get inconsistent shots and still dream of owning a HX. This would be more due to me than the machine. But if you have the budget for a HX I would seriously think about going the big step now. Dont forget about the grinder, I would recommend an upgrade in that area too.

    My 2c



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      Re: Next upgrade from Francis Francis X1

      Alternatively a Silvia with PID installed from Chris at Talk Coffee (sponsor).


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        Re: Next upgrade from Francis Francis X1

        Hi Rich,

        If may suggest for this price bracket you can get:

        Rancilio Silvia
        Isomac Venus
        Ascaso Duo Professional
        La Vibieme Domo Bar
        Isomac Zaffiro

        This are the machine that I will recommend, I recommend this machines not because we sell it, if not because I know the people who import this machines into the country and they will not let you down with spare parts availability once the warranty is off.



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          Re: Isomac Venus

          Hope people dont mind me jumping in here but I have a question re the venus. I would like to know if it has a OPV, I cant see one listed here sort of researching it as a silvia option but not sure how it goes controlling brew pressure.


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            Re: Next upgrade from Francis Francis X1

            Thanks for the feed back. I had a look the Vibieme DomoBar and got the impression that it wasnt ideal for milk based drinks ? Would this be the better choice over the Silvia ? The one Im referring to is the Levetta, ********** is selling them for $xxx. Also considering Expobar Office EB-61 Lever.

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              Re: Next upgrade from Francis Francis X1

              Hi Rich,

              We are stocking the Nuova Simonelli Oscar at the moment, which is a budget HX machine coming in at $1.3/$1.4k. If you would like more information on it, please feel free to get in touch.

              I think that youre right that the silvia is probably more of a sideways step, except that the steam wand is probably going to make it easier to get a better result. You might even consider just seeing if you could retrofit a silvia steam wand to your machine.