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  • Silvias a gusher

    Hi guys n gals

    Silvia celebrated her one month anniversary in the workshop(not mine) getting a new "betsy boiler" fitted, as hers failed. She was four weeks old June 12th.
    Finally today been almost able to operate her.
    Problem Im having is she seems a bit hot? I cant say that I know this as fact with temp gauge readings just casing feels hotter then before, maybe this was due to faulty boiler.
    Now prob Im having is that I cant get her to pull a shot using double basket, 4 day rested manheldleing(spelling)(Mandheling ) and 4 day old columbian supremo shes putting out 60mls in 10-12 seconds.
    Rocky is same as prior to her workshop visit, Ive dialed him down to as low as I want to go 5-6 clicks under previous setting and she is still gushing shots fast I cant get a single decent one that doesnt taste like crap, due to meds I cant taste well not sure if it tastes acidy or really sour(that helps I know)
    Is it possible new boiler is hotter? would a hotter boiler make her pump out faster?
    Ive tried a few cooling shots to try get a different result but have given up, may have to wait a week then take her to BJ and let the Doctor open her up and see whats the matter.
    And yes I believe I could also be the prob but Im doing everything the same as before, and she gave great shots prior to failure.....

    Anyone shed any suggestions here as Ive had it with her

    Steve "kinda over this week" Sullos

    Thanks in advance guys/gals

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    Re: Silvias a gusher

    why not just keep going finer till it works. it doesnt matter how hot she is brewing, with a fine enough grind you should be able to choke it.

    Ive heard that mandaling is a big creme bean so maybe what you think is gushing is actually just loads of creme from beans that are a bit fresh.


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      Re: Silvias a gusher

      would the extra crema also come in the columbian supremo and brasil monte allegro? She had mandaling in her previously and didnt come a gusher thats why Im confused.
      I just dont wanna break rocky! What I cant understand is that everything is the same as before she was repaired, why has everything changed? thats what I dont get, the repeatability thing, Ive already gone 6 clicks down and from some posts if memory serves a click can make a 5=6 second change in shot time, so that being said when I click down shouldnt that reduce the shot time?
      Sorry I rantiing and very frustrated, considering events of the last week or so, its really giving me the poos

      thanks for replying MM Ill give her one last chance


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        Re: Silvias a gusher

        Gday Sullo,

        I guess it is possible that the Boiler wasnt heating up properly prior to the element burning out, no way to know really......

        If the Boiler is operating higher now though, higher temperature Brew Water will saturate the grounds more quickly for sure and this may lead to shots pulling more quickly than before. If you Run the Brew Switch without the PF in place, how does the water behave? Is it spitting and bubbling and carrying on (flashing immediately to Steam), or just pouring out as Hot Water after a few seconds?

        If you Open the Steam Valve and hit the Hot Water Switch, does the water pour out as Hot Water or flash immediately to Steam and remain like that indefinitely? I suppose it is possible that the Techs mixed up the T/Stats on top of the Boiler but one would hope not.



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          Re: Silvias a gusher

          Ill have to check the hot water one tomorrow as shes is off for the night, told her off gave her a pointed gesture etc. Without pf it initialy does spit and splutter a lil bit then 10-15 secs I get the familiar 5 streams of hot water. But thats given me a good thing to check, Ihavent lifted the lid to see what he did, was hoping for the best.
          If he has mixed them Im not going to be very happy arggg, what a week.
          thanks Mal


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            Re: Silvias a gusher


            Doesnt sound like they have been swapped....

            But maybe the new boiler comes complete with new thermostats (and this one is hotter)..... or they refitted the old one but it isnt making good contact with the boiler..... so it switches when the boiler is at a higher temperature.


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              Re: Silvias a gusher

              the invoice only lists 1 x betsy boiler, so Im guessing thats all that was changed?
              I would imagine that if the thermo was replaced that wouldve been listed too?

              appreciate the feedback here guys


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                Re: Silvias a gusher

                Although this may be too much information, I have the best partner in the world, for lots of reasons, but for this thread one reason, is she has no way of pmsing or any mood related symptons. Yes I truely am a lucky man(thank god she doesnt read this!)

                But Im convinced bloody Silvia does, tempramental lil witch she is.
                Id so love to jam a PID or something in her, but Ive a promise not to mod till warranty expires


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                  Re: Silvias a gusher

                  As long as your grinder will allow you to do so keep going finer with the grind until the timing is right and go from there by taste.

                  Java "Grinding away" phile
                  Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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                    Re: Silvias a gusher

                    seems weird that a grinder that has so many steps is set so low, its on 1 now?
                    this obsession sometimes does my head in!
                    I should take up stamp collecting, much less stress.......



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                      Re: Silvias a gusher

                      Are you sure the zero is where the burrs meet?
                      You may find it goes into the negative.

                      With it empty and without turning it on, can you adjust the setting below zero?


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                        Re: Silvias a gusher

                        -3 and we get burrs


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                          Re: Silvias a gusher


                          My Rocky is set on 4 and it always has hovered around that value, so using a low setting on the rocky is nothing new to me. My Silvia, which is a few years old will spit and hiss after being on for a while once the brew switch is hit and then settle down to a nice stream. The Silvia is very sensitive to the amount of coffee in the PF. If the pf is not dosed fully then it can lead to fast pours. You need to have the level of the puck in line with the line around the inside of the basket after tamping. Ideally it should be a little hard to load the PF as I have found that a PF with a little resistance to being locked in gives the best pours. This doesnt mean arm wrenching hard, just a little more resistance than an empty one. If you remove the pf again you should have an impression of the screw and slight impression of the shower screen.




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                            Re: Silvias a gusher

                            after discussions with Renzo the guru it appears that my lil gurl mightve had a lower temp then the new boiler somehow, one of those one in a zillion things which confused the heck out of me.(which isnt all that hard to do)
                            In the end problem sorted, changed all my settings and seems to be working better now on a 2 clicks from true zero on bullwinkle.
                            Thanks for the help everyone.


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                              Re: Silvias a gusher

                              One month old and in repairs?  Was it brand new?  Did you leave it on steam or without water?

                              For future reference, if its new and you havent done anything to bust it yourself, you are entitled to a complete refund or replacement (YOUR choice) and dont have to accept a repair if you dont want to.  Of course, if you like the ppl and trust them it doesnt matter but I hope you werent talked into having a repair when you would have preferred a straight out replacement.

                              Four steps off burrs touching on your Rocky (which is also new?) seems incredibly fine to me, I think my burrs touch close to zero and I run my Rocky at 8-10.  If the coffee is tasting good, maybe leave it, but if you still think its possible its not quite right I would take it back and ask for a replacement.  You are entitled to one.