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Saeco Incanto s-class de luxe settings

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  • Saeco Incanto s-class de luxe settings

    I have a Saeco Incanto s-class de luxe and would like to hear from others out there who have same machine that have worked settings to get "best" results, or at least as far as they are concerend.

    There are so many settings & possibilities that I could go thru kgs of beans before i even get close.

    If can let me know your settings for simple expresso and what beans are favoured I would like to try.

    Settings for (small coffee or "espresso"):-
    - Grind adjustment knob
    - Location of SBS brewing knob
    - Water Hardness
    - Waterfilter
    - Cup heater
    - Temperature
    - Aroma
    - Prebrewing

    Generally what quantity (ml) should come out for espresso and in what amount of time (sec) (starting from 1st bit hitting cup given pre-brew settings, etc).

    What beans do others really think suits this machine.

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    Re: Saeco Incanto s-class de luxe settings


    Just bought a Saeco Incanto Sirius myself. Done a bit of research and asked a store-person or two.

    For an espresso, they seem to recommend the following:

    - Grind knob set to fine (Ive got mine set as far anti-clockwise as possible).

    - The SBS knob should be striaight up for an espresso.

    - Water hardness: With the machine, they give you a little litmus test thing to measure the water out of your tap. Im in west Melbourne and the water is really soft - didnt even register, so I put it on 1. What you set this on, will determine how often the machine asks you to descale it.

    - I got a water filter with the sits in the water tank. I think it contains activated carbon. Its meant to sit in the water for 30 minutes prior to use. Then use the Menu function for to switch water filter to Yes. If you dont have a filter, set the Menu function to No. Youll have to descale the machine more often if you dont have a filter.

    - If you want to heat your cups up, pop them on top of the machine and set the menu function for cup warming to Yes.

    - Temperature - really up to you. I like to have the coffee on the hottest setting.

    - Aroma - this is how strong you want your coffee. You can set the default through the Menu function under Coffee Settings. I like my coffee on Normal, my partner on Strong. Once youve set this, itll be on that setting every time you turn on the machine. To make something other than what youve set as the default (as a once-off), just change the strength on the front screen (the number of beans = strength; normal =2, strong =3).

    - Prebrewing - In this step, ground coffee is moistened before brewing. It helps to more fully extract flavour. There are 3 settings on mine - either no, yes and long. I have mine on long.

    I think the quantity should be between 25 and 30 ml for a small shot. Not 100% sure though...but thats what Ive been told. You can reset the machine to factory settings via the Menu options and theyre already set up for you.

    Ive been told not use shiny black beans, because theyre oily and can block up the grinder. Thats all I know so far about beans...still learning myself.

    I hope that helps you figure it out. Its just what Ive heard and tried myself...would love to know if anyone knows anything to contradict it or add more.

    Good luck!


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      Re: Saeco Incanto s-class de luxe settings


      Espresso is just like any scientific standard, ie some basic rules and plenty of people who want to argue or bend em.

      Ultimately, though, [for a single shot] its somewhere in the zone of 20-30ml of water passed through 6-8gm of coffee, tamped at 14Kg and at a water pressure of 9bar and a temp within the 93-96deg C range.
      Temperatures outside of this range will produce sour or bitter shots respectively.
      Longer extraction times will also be bitter

      Most machines have a constant temp & pressure so your grind and tamping determine the outcome of the shot.

      Fully auto machines, dont necessarily meet this standard, but if I was using one Id still look for for roughly 20-30ml in 20-25 sec. Brew temp should be in the 93-96 range otherwise the coffee will taste bitter.

      If your grind and tamp is right, you should meet the above criteria, but most importantly, meeting the following detail: finishing the shot before or just after the onset of blonding.
      This is the point where the extraction changes from a rich, flowing tan/brown foam to a thin translucent dishwater.

      Any fresh beans should be able to meet this criteria.

      The problem with fully auto machines is that they dont actually make it easy to get the right conditions for a great too many variables, not enough human touch.