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  • silvia part cracked

    Hi all. I was cleaning the shower screen on my 8 month old Silvia and noticed that the water distributor had cracked in two. The protruding bit in the centre that the fixing screw goes through has sheared completely off. Is this a regular thing with Silvia? Its under warranty (and it would only be a $16 part if it wasnt) so cost isnt an issue, just wondering if I can continue using the machine till the repair people get back to me. Ive popped the two pieces back together and pressure should keep them that way.

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    Re: silvia part cracked

    Does the screw hold the two parts together?

    In my unexperienced opinion [IMUO] continued use shouldnt matter as the larger diameter part of the WD does all the work and that piece sits snugly within the shower screen.

    If you are regularly removing the shower screen, having the WD fall apart each time will probably become a source of annoyance more than anything else.

    Since, the shower screen retention screw only needs to be tightened "finger tight", the way I see it, that WD part is under very little mechanical stress.
    Therefore if it had broken it was probably an original manufacturing fault.


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      Re: silvia part cracked

      Ive made a diagram of what the water distributor looks like (above), then the way mine is (below). Ive jammed the two pieces back together and they seem to be holding.


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        Re: silvia part cracked

        Hi Fluffy,

        Never had it happen to me with my Silvia, and showerscreen, etc gets cleaned regularly.

        And yes when putting it all back in, the screw should only be finger tight, or maybe a lightly screwed in with screwdriver, as long as its home and not loose.

        If warranty still applies you may be ale to get it replaced for free, but if it means going without silvia for a week or more then Id just order a new one from coffeeparts or somewhere like that and put it in myself.



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          Re: silvia part cracked

          Hi All,
          I have a similar problem in that the screw that holds the shower screen in place has cracked.
          I have a replacement one but cant get the old one out. What should I do?
          I have tried pliers but cant get a good enough grip on the screw.
          Would drilling it out be the only option?


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            Re: silvia part cracked

            You could use a screw grabber tool like this one - (sorry about the advertisement)


            or better yet take it to the repairer - youll need to speak to them about getting the part replaced anyhow. It should be something they can do on the spot. I went to these guys for a new water distributor and they helped me out with a new one for $5.

            R.E.M. Asia Pacific
            (03) 9329 8838
            138 Peel St
            North Melbourne VIC 3051


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              Re: silvia part cracked

              Wow that was quick, Thanks I will try to contact them. The "grabit" looks cool. Geez the yanks can make anything seem like a must have!


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                Re: silvia part cracked


                I prefer these tools for removing screws with damaged heads and if the screws are particularly stubborn to remove, there is always the cordless hammer drill with variable hammer action.... [smiley=evil.gif]

                Love my power tools



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                  Re: silvia part cracked

                  The protruding bit in the centre that the fixing screw goes through has sheared completely off
                  The part the screw goes through is a seperate part, screw goes through the screen, then through the small round water distributor which in turn clamps the large brass disc up onto the group, I think there is nothing wrong here.

                  Had a second look at your diagram and it clearly shows the large disc has sheared, I am at a loss here as that is a solid bit of brass I dont see how it could happen. :-/


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                    Re: silvia part cracked

                    In my Silvia (12 months old) the 20mm dia. spacer disc that the screw goes through is stainless steel. The brass dispersion disc that the spacer disc sits into is 57mm dia.
                    I would suspect that the bit that has come apart is the ss spacer. Stainless steel is funny stuff as I have observed over a lifetime of mucking around with boats. I have seen marine grade ss nuts fall in half.
                    I have also seen it delaminate for want of a better word, within the thickness of ss plate.
                    It shouldnt hurt to keep using it as the screw bears on the showerscreen which holds the dispersion disc in place. Just dont do the screw up too tight or you may risk deforming the shower screen in the middle as the bit of the showerscreen right at the screw is the bit that normally bears against the centre bit of the spacer disc (which is sheared in your machine) when the screw is tight.


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                      Re: silvia part cracked

                      Ah yes, scroll the picture down and I can see the 2cm size :, as grimsby suggests it should be OK until a replacement arrives. Strange it has broken as I have countersunk mine which would leave it a bit thin there and it has been alright.


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                        Re: silvia part cracked

                        Thanks all for the advice, ended up getting an "Easy out" only thing in the right size I could find. For this one you need to drill a 2mm hole to put it in, not easy on an uneven broken Stainless Screw. Started to get somewhere put a little force on it and snap. Bought 2 more bits Just in case. Actually get somewhere this time (patience helps) only to snap this one too as I was taking the drill out. Only the bit is stuck in the hole. Many attempts with many implements fail to get it out. Took me 2 days of trying different techniques. Finally got it out. Insert Easy out get it to bite then panic hoping I dont break it. Been told they are quite fragile. Couple of taps with a shifter on the end and out she comes. Yay!!!!

                        New screw in and away we go. Only had 5 grumpy days of no coffee. Wife hates me like that.