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Sunbeam EM 6910 at Harvey Norman?

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  • Sunbeam EM 6910 at Harvey Norman?

    I saw the catalogue for Harvey Norman and didnt read the fine print. When I went to our local store to check out the Sunbeam 6910 for $399, I realised that they were only offering the 6900 at this price. I did read somewhere else on this forum that someone mentioned the 6910 at HN for $399.
    Has anyone actually bought the 6910 for $399?

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    Re: Sunbeam EM 6910 at Harvey Norman?

    I bought a 6900 from HN for $399. (on friday)
    When I got it home and played with it I found it to be a newer version of the 6900 (still says 6900 on the door), but the internals and working of the machine were identical to a 6910, it could do all the extra features and settings, as well as a better secured group head and the gloss coating on the buttons etc...
    The only difference with my one is the User Manual does not tell you how.

    If you are willing to take a risk, buy one of these machines for $399, if it turns out to be a dud or one of the old ones from ages ago (red gasket), return it to sunbeam and also mention that the steam is too weak and wet, since it cant be turned up or changed on the older ones, (and they know what a problem these machines were) it *should* be swapped for one of the newer 6900s that CAN be programmed.

    I caught up with a friend of mine with the same machine today (6900, purchased in March for about $450) It let me turn the steam temp and rate up with no problems, and the time to heat the milk in the 300ml jug almost halved.

    So, there are obviously a number of machines out there that are like this, if not all the updated 6900s (im waiting for more people to reply letting me know if their machines are like this.)

    You will not get a 6910 from HN for much under $600 (im just guessing this) but the 6900s have a lot more play in the price as their an "outdated, poor performing machine"

    Hope that helps.