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Problem with my Silvia

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  • Problem with my Silvia

    Hello all, this is the first time I have posted on this site so go easy on me. I have an 18 month old Rancilio Silva which I bought new and all of a sudden it wont heat up. I have read many post on how to reset the thermostat and have tried that and still nothing. One thing that I have noticed is that the boiler light does not come on at all even when first switched on. All else works but NO HEAT............. Any suggestions??? Please Help

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Problem with my Silvia


    A circuit diagram can be found at:

    Looking at the diagram it may be possible that a thermostat has failed if the panel lamp is not coming on. Hopefully this may be the case rather than an element fail. Even if the element has failed it appears the panel lamp (boiler light) should still come on. Might need someone to look at it for you.



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      Re: Problem with my Silvia

      Hi Matt, Thanks for the post. Is there anyway I able to check if a thermostat has failed before sending it off to a repairer as it is no longer under warranty? If so how do I go about doing so?



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        Re: Problem with my Silvia

        David -

        Do you have access to a multimetre that can provide continuity or resistance readings? If so, there are a few easy checks you can safely perform with the machine unplugged.



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          Re: Problem with my Silvia

          Some quick checks to help isolate the problem.

          1. Do these with the machine COLD and UNPLUGGED and all of the front switches OFF. Remove the water reservoir, the four screws holding down the top, and finally the top panel.

          2. Remove the wires from each of the two heater element terminals on the top of the boiler. Check the resistance (in ohms) of the heater by placing a probe on each of the now-bare terminals. For 220V Silvia, the resistance should be 60 ohms, give or take.

          3. If you measure an open circuit, or a value of resistance that is much larger than 60 ohms, then your element is probably burnt out.

          4. Replace the wires to the heater.

          5. Remove the two wires from the brew thermostat (top of boiler, on the left side, has a red dot on top). With the machine cold, the thermostat should be closed. Use your meter to confirm you have continuity through the thermostat. If you have an open circuit, or any measurable resistance, then you have a bad brew thermostat.

          6. Replace the wires to the brew thermostat.

          7. Remove the two wires from the steam thermostat (top of boiler, on the right side, no red dot). Do the same continuity test as you did on the brew thermostat. Stat should be closed with a cold machine.

          8. Replace the wires to the steam thermostat.

          9. Locate the safety thermostat on the wall of the boiler, facing the panel switches, near the top of the boiler. It has the little red post sticking out.

          10. You said you already reset this, but just to be thorough press the button again.

          11. Use the metre to check continuity through this switch. It is hard to get the wires loose, but there should be enough metal exposed on each "ear" to touch with the probes without removing the wires.

          12. You should have full continuity through this switch also. If not, then it is either not properly reset, or it is defective.

          Hope this helps.



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            Re: Problem with my Silvia

            Jackal - not sure where you are but can you take your machine back to where you bought it?

            If not try taking it to one of the site sponsors who will also be able to help you out.