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Lelit Combi PL042

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  • Lelit Combi PL042

    Has anybody seen/played with/heard of these combo machines?

    What are they like?
    Especially in comparison to a Silvia....

    I was very close to buying a new silvia a few months ago but the deal fall through, Im now back in the market and was within days of buying a Silvia, Now ive been told about these Lelits, made in italy, similar in looks, mechanics as the Silvia and now im back to base one

    If anybody can give some advice I would appreciate it

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    Re: Lelit Combi PL042

    Hi Blaqjaq
    look on this link:

    It gives a good comparison.


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      Re: Lelit Combi PL042

      well some of you may be disappointed in me but i bit the bullet yesterday and bought a sunbeam 6910

      Only paid $550 for it and with the free grinder offer, it was hard to say no

      I gotta say, I would have loved a Silvia but i couldnt justify the extra expense, coupled with the wait time for it to heat up etc..... I know the coffee will not be as good as a Silvia, but pretty damn close to it!

      Now only problem is, because im in Karratha and the shop up here were trying to get rid of their 6900s before ordering any 6910s (yes, they must be VERY old machines), I had to buy it from perth and im now patiently waiting for the postie (reluctantly)

      which up here will take about a week

      but hey, I feel alot better after making a decision finally!!


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        Re: Lelit Combi PL042

        Better than a combo unit.