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Advice Needed on my old Rancilio Audrey

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  • Advice Needed on my old Rancilio Audrey

    I have come to the conclusion that my Audrey must be, at this point, somewhat over the proper pressure.

    I have not tested this with a measuring device, but, even with a fine grind, and a good 30lbs+ tamp, I still get
    an exceedingly fast pour.

    A few questions:

    1) Is this machine adjustable, as to the pressure level? Is it a pain in the *(& to do, or reasonably easy? Anyone have a link that might describe? Ive been told that the guts are the same as a Silvia, but, even in the Silvia line, I understand early models were more difficult to adjust than later models, as to pressure.

    2)I have noticed, when I start my pour, and it seems "fast", that if I turn on the steaming wand, and let some water spurt out of it during the pour, it almost acts as a pressure reducer, and I see my pour slow down to more of a rats tail speed. Is this an advisable way of adjusting my pressure, during pour? Any real ramifications of doing this?

    3)This unit does not have a light, which indicates when the boiler is on. I understand, with the Silvia, this is useful for temperature surfing. Apparantly do a test pour, but not quite enough to where the light comes back on, and presumably you are closer to target temperature. Even though I dont have this light, I can "hear" when my boiler comes on, and definately sense by sound when it is not on. Any comments on how I should use this to my advantage, if possible, to do a pour at an optimal time?

    Thanks for any comments.

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    Re: Advice Needed on my old Rancilio Audrey

    Hi Jeff,

    Drop Pedro at Coffeeparts a line. He stocks the bit you need to get it back to 9 bar.

    A little adjustment on the OPV makes a big difference though and Id suggest the most accurate way to gauge pressure pot modification is with a portafilter pressure.

    When we did Lachlans Siilvia recently, it was a 6.5 bar when we screwed it all back together and my gauge and a bit more turning to compress the teflon gasket did the job to get 9 bar at the group.

    There should be someone not too far away who can check your machine for you once you have done the work.

    Good luck!



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      Re: Advice Needed on my old Rancilio Audrey

      Heres a link re fitting a boiler light to Audrey.