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Gaggia Classic Issue - Water not pumping

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  • Gaggia Classic Issue - Water not pumping

    Hi Peoples
    Its been ages since I;ve been on! Have had NO issues with My Gaggia Classic/Rocky combo and loving it!


    This morning, after my first shot, the water stopped pumping and no coffee was made.

    THere was a trickle of water coming through the shower disc BUT heaps of water can come out of the steam wand and this steams well!

    So, what do I need to do to fix it? have cleaned the filter, shower head etc (weekly).

    1. Descaling? - have the solution. Last used in September. Do I follow the box or does anyone have a better suggestion?

    2. Backflush? - What do I do here? Should this be done routinely?

    Hope someone can help cos I had to go to work with no espresso and it was not easy - headache starting as I type!


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    Re: Gaggia Classic Issue - Water not pumping

    if you remove the coffee filter you will find a valve screws into the bottom of the boiler. remove this and clean. this is the coffee valve, it clogs up with coffee and scale. to check water flow before refitting valve,activate pump switch, turn on machine and check for water flow from hole where valve was removed. if fine refit valve and fillter.
    in the gaggia this valve needs to be removed reguarly and cleaned.


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      Re: Gaggia Classic Issue - Water not pumping

      HI Thanks for the post
      I regularly remove the screw from the filter showerdisc and clean the disc and replace it. Where is the valve you a re talking about? Do I need to remove the brewing head to find it?