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Well....ive fallen in love....her name is silvia!

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  • Well....ive fallen in love....her name is silvia!

    OMG!, My silvia arrived yesterday, i opened it up, had a look and was very impressed straight off the batt with the commercial style look of the machine, and youll have to forgive me....please, but im using preground beans from South Aust at the moment as i dont have a suitable grinder(coming soon), and in case you are wondering, i am using the supplied Tamper :(pullman next week), but i did pick up a good 600ml jug. Anyway the first few shots were......average, still 10 times better than id ever had before fall out of a machine. I did some research here in the forums, picked up bits and pieces, and realised that 1. I wasnt tamping hard enough, 2.the machine wasnt hot enough and 3.I was using a little too much coffee.
    I practiced and practiced, coffee after coffee(i got to sleep at 2 in the morning , i was trying to tamp and polish but the standard out of the box tamper with the structural stability of a clump of jelly just wouldnt polish, it would pick up the coffee and it wouldnt give me that polished look(apart from the fact it doesnt come close to covering the 58mm basket!), anyway i tried a new style with the tamper tonight and wa la, it worked, to a degree!, i pulled the shot and frothed the milk(coles homebrand full cream), and im getting consistent microfoam!, the result put a grin on my face from ear to ear!(and the caffeine opened my eyes from ear to earas well!)
    Its no where near the calibre of you, the experts, but i think its a bloody good start, and im proud of it!
    Id like to thank everyone at coffee snobs for the expert posts guiding me to buy a silvia, and i will be visiting the site sponsors for a grinder and all accessories!!
    thanks again

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    Re: Well....ive fallen in love....her name is sil sound like a Coffeesnob!

    Good on you Warren, glad to hear youre a happy customer of Silvia! Keep reading up here, there are bound to be many more interesting posts on how to get the best out of her.

    Mine just had a two and half week trip to not-so-sunny SE Queensland. An enviable holiday where she churned out two or three coffees per day! Hadnt used her so much in ages! (as Im always at work when at home, using a commercial machine!)


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      Re: Well....ive fallen in love....her name is sil

      Hey WSullivan,

      Congrats on the Silvia, they are a truly great machine,

      I have had mine a whole week now and love it,
      thanks to the missus (shes a barista yay). its churning out great coffee.



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        Re: Well....ive fallen in love....her name is sil

        Congrats on your new machines Warren and Daf, Im sure you will get great pleasure and coffee out of this fine lady, my love affair with her started last July and I am still infatuated with her. Once you get to know her shes easy to get along with.