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Solis Palazzo Rapid Steam Users?  Help!

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  • Solis Palazzo Rapid Steam Users?  Help!


    I was given a used Solis Palazzo Rapid Steam, and I am wondering if anyone in this forum uses this machine?

    This is my first machine, and I realize it is not as serious or as good as the higher-end machines, but I really love it and I want to learn about coffee, and this is is where I am starting. Thank you!

    I am having problems and I can not find any support forums on the web, and I am getting desperate!

    My machine did not come with the key to dismantle the strainer, and this seems to be causing problems. The machine has a function where you hit a button for pre-ground espresso.

    When I first got the machine, I cleaned everything I could (except for the strainer chuck key which I dont have and I dont know where I can get it) and the espresso function worked well. Everything worked great.

    Now, when I hit the pre-ground espresso button the light goes on, nothing happens, then it goes off.

    When I hit it again, thin water comes out and the dregs or clean button goes on. The dregs tray is not filled with the nice dry espresso cakes that I saw when it first worked for me. Now its a mushy pile!

    Can anyone help me, or tell me where I should start? I am using two tablespoons for the pre-ground espresso which I think is right, but I am not sure.


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    Re: Solis Palazzo Rapid Steam Users?  Help!

    these are sold by Diamond C Services in melb

    follow this link, go to the bottom of the page, download the instruction manual for the latest model
    any probs give them a ring, they are very helpful