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  • dead krups 905

    Hey guys, I just signed up so I could ask a question or two,

     basically, my folks gave me their old Krups 905 machine as a housewarming present a few years ago, ( an excuse for them to upgrade...)

     anyways, it is now kinda dead. took it to the repair shop , and they said the boiler and the circuit board were fried and it wasnt worth fixing.

     I dont have much faith in that shop, and Im not even sure the took it apart, but theyre pretty much the only game in town here on Vancouver Island.

    Im fairly handy at these sort of things, and would have a go at fixing it if I could find a schematic for it.  

     So, if anyone has a schematic, or some general test procedures for boilers and such ( they say the boiler went because the timer wasnt shutting it off) or can point me to a good website for this, it d be much appreciated.

    I took it apart, and only got as far as testing the element for continuity, ( which it has )

    we bought a cheapo espresso machine with intent to return it once the good one was fixed, and Im sorta tempted to ditch the superauto  ( and the cheapo steam machine) and get a decent manual one.  making the coffee itself is kinda fun, its during the week getting ready for work when its kinda nice to just hit a button.


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    Re: dead krups 905

    well, after poking and prodding inside, Ive come to the conclusion it is indeed dead. so, Ill flog it for a few bucks for parts.

    which means, Im now figgering out what machine to replace it. as Im not really diggin the krups 1500 we bought as a stop gap....

    tempted by a cheap starbucks barrista machine on the local boards, but I loathe starbucks, and Im not sure I could handle having that thing in the house....



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      Re: dead krups 905

      You have chosen the right place for advice on anything to do with coffee, but be warned this site is very addictive and will lure you to open your wallet and spend your hard earned to acheive that wonderful cup of espresso we all strive for.
      Good luck in you search for a machine.................