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VBM levetta worth upgrading to?

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  • VBM levetta worth upgrading to?

    Hi All,

    I stumbled across this site a couple of years ago whilst looking for an "all-you-can-eat-a-matic" machine and ended up buying a Silvia and Iberital grinder instead or a dewrongy (I re-registered cause i couldnt remember user name and password)
    Now I think I have upgraditis but "she who shall be obeyed" wont quite sign off on a Giotto or the like (it was tough enough going from my cafe-a roma to the Silvia let alone justifying 2.5k)
    Here goes the million dollar it worth upgrading to a VBM Levetta from the Silvia? given we only make a couple of coffees a day? or am I wasting my hard earned and stepping sideways?
    Id appreciate opinions, theres too many options out there but I wanted something with an E-61 type grouphead for under 1.5k (Ill upgrade the grinder later) thats reliable, servicable in Briz and can potentially give me a good shot of espresso !