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  • Spacer under Group - Silvia

    Hi Everybody,

    I am a new Silvia owner of about 2 weeks, so I havent changed a group gasket as yet - not even close. On the site, I noticed that there is a spacer under the group gasket. Does anybody know if Sivlias
    come with a spacer under the gasket when new?

    If not I might buy one so that at next gasket change I can create a bit more room to updose the basket. Is this
    feasible - has anyone tried it? Presumably there isnt enough room to fit 2 spacers without preventing the PF from
    locking in!?

    Thoughts anyone?


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    Re: Spacer under Group - Silvia

    The right position of the group handle angle is about 5:25 to 6 (I think).
    If you add a spacer and it is not needed I doubt that it will add more than 1mm and the angles will be wrong  which may cause sealing problems.  To up dose you need to buy a deeper non rancilio filter basket. I believe they are available.



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      Re: Spacer under Group - Silvia

      Youve got a Pullman tamper get the Synesso ridgeless double basket to go with it and that should improve your shots. I did this recently and was pleased with the improvement in my shots.


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        Re: Spacer under Group - Silvia

        Originally posted by greenman link=1201921722/0#2 date=1202040705
        Youve got a Pullman tamper get the Synesso ridgeless double basket to go with it
        The problem you will have is the Synesso baskets are deeper and wider than the genuine Silvia ones or even the LM baskets.

        So a tamper we made for the Silvia or LM baskets will be a poor fit in the Synesso unfortunately (worse than a generic 58mm tamper in a Silvia basket as the Synesso baskets are close to 59mm).

        You will really need to get a new base for your tamper if you want a correct fit in the Synesso.



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          Re: Spacer under Group - Silvia

          Hi mrmarky,

          Short answer to your question is no dont do it, doesnt achieve what you wanted.

          The spacer under the group head gasket is there, if required, to make gasket total thickness right, so that pf will lock in properly.
          From memory I think you can get 0.5mm or 1.0mm.
          My original GH gasket did not have one, but the replacement one I bought was thinner by about 0.5mm and needed a spacer above it for pf to lock in properly.

          The bigger basket is the way to go as noted previously, but tamper fit can be an issue as also noted previously.
          Although it might be possible to find a larger basket that is close to your original basket diameter if you persist enough, and can get suppliers to measure baskets for you.

          Apart from that it is possible to updose the standard Silvia basket by tapping pf on the bench about 3 times.
          And occasionally I would like to go back to my original Silvia double basket, ie not such a big does, but the Pullman I had sized for my LM basket wont fit in Silvias basket.