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eBay PID kit for Silvia

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  • eBay PID kit for Silvia

    Hi Guys!

    I was wondering if any of you had experience with this PID kit? It looks great for the price but I thought I should check here before going ahead.

    Thanks in advance! Smiley


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    Re: eBay PID kit for Silvia

    No link, if its not from sponsor Pid Kit then you may be better to ask over on CG or HB.


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      Re: eBay PID kit for Silvia

      Hi Cammo,

      I suggest you PM Robusto or JavaB as they both had one of these. I understand theyre good for the price but are much cheaper in build quality than the ones from PID Kits as youd expect for the price, particularly the buttons, the usability, the tuneability, the enclosure being aluminum rather than steel, and sitting right next to the group may look nice but its a very hot place to have a bunch of electronics! Horses for courses I guess, but Ive been extremely happy with every aspect of the quality of the kit I got from Jim and I know its a good controller that will go for years rather than possibly failing shortly after the warranty goes and then having to start again and eventually pay the same amount and still have a cheap controller. Id also suggest PMing or emailing Jim at PID Kits as I had some similar questions before I bought mine and he offered very impartial advice on both his own and on these eBay ones.

      Good luck either way.