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Another new pid install with videos

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  • Another new pid install with videos

    Hi Guys!

    I have finally installed my pid kit from Auber in my Silvia. Easy to install and seems to be much, much more consistent shots. I have made a couple of short videos showing it in action and also a closeup of a double shot. I would LOVE some feedback regarding temp on the Silvia. I always seem to have a fair bit of headroom in the boiler (I leave the Miss Silvia on quite a lot) and therefore have to fill the boiler before pulling any shots. This in turn drops the temp quite a lot as new water is introduced. I guess there is no way around this bar waiting for it to come back to temp (set at 105c).
    I do get quite a bit of leakage out of the steam wand if I am not careful to keep an eye on the steam knob tightness - could I need to replace a washer? This could explain the ever decreasing water level in the boiler.
    I am pretty worried about it as I destroyed a boiler about a year ago before I realised you have to refill the boiler after steaming...

    Anyway, the video of a full milk coffee prep is at


    A 60ml, 30 sec double (with the pid installed) is at

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Another new pid install with videos

    Hi Cam,

    The slight leak from the steam wand on Silvia is normal. After steaming the wand and washers are relatively hot, as things cool back to normal, internal clearances change slightly, which is why it leaks. Good habit to get into is to check the steam knob before you turn Silvia on each time, this usually reduces the leakage.

    Prior to pulling a shot it is also worth running a small amount of water through the group head, not to cool it, just to make sure you have relatively fresh water in there, and this will help ensure boiler is topped up for the shot. If you usually run some water through to pre-heat glass/s or cup/s then that would probably be much more than you need just to ensure the water is relatively fresh, and you might be better to give Silvia a minute or so to re-stabilise.

    The PID set-point is relatively high due to the location of the temperature probe on top of the boiler, and is intended to give a brew temp of around 95 deg at the brew head. Provided Silvia has been on long enough for brew head to stabilise then the brew temp will not be affected greatly by running a small amount of water through first, even though the PID controller will show a reduced temp at the top of the boiler, where the incoming water comes in. Typically, you can pull a double shot, empty & wipe out pf, regrind and dose, and Silvia will have recovered ready to pull another double shot.

    Hope this is of some help


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      Re: Another new pid install with videos

      The Silvia water tank is small to begin with. You do use up a fair amount of water for basic things such as pulling water to warm the cups (as you have done in your video). Flushing after shots, steaming etc all add to the water level draining quite quickly.

      Its normal and probably good practice to refill the water tank just before you use the machine. as for the steam wand leakage, you can try changing the metal half-o ring thats attached at the end of the steam wand. But all I do is just tighten it before I actually turn on the machine (when its cold). Bullitt explains why this is the case.

      According to the Auber study on the CD which came with the kit, the Auber PID is set at 105 for a 95 deg due to where the probe is placed. And as the temp probe is installed over the cold water inlet at the top of the boiler, youll notice the temp dropping as soon as you start pulling a shot (probe is sensing cold water going into the boiler).

      The PID then overshoots the temp to about 113 degrees before slowly taking it down to 105. This might take two minutes or so. However, you might be able to flush some water to hasten this process.

      For those interested, I installed the Auber PID recently and heres are photos of my installation (with notes):

      Pics of my Silvia post-PID are here: