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  • Silvia backflush

    Im sure I have read about this but I couldnt find it.

    Does anyone have a correct, and safe, backflush procedure for the Silvia?
    Is it really necessary if you descale regularly?
    Do you use home made rubber disc or a blind filter?
    How often do you need to backflush?

    Im nervous about trying to do this especially as Rancillio say the warranty is void if you backflush! I would pull about 20 shots/week.


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    Re: Silvia backflush

    Its OK to backflush the Silvia. It has a solenoid valve that will release the water back into the drip tray when you use a blind filter.

    Its ok to use the rubber disc or blind filter. Both do the trick.

    The manual says not to because Rancilio dont want to deal with idiots who leave a blind filter and turn the machine on for ages. It will wreck the machine solenoid valve or not.

    You should backflush regularly even if just to get rid of the buildup of coffee oils. Descaling will help remove scale buildup NOT coffee oils.

    Old coffee oils turn rancid and spoil the taste of your coffee. Youd be surprised how and where they build up in the machine.

    This is what I tend to to (Im probably extreme):

    1) I backflush after each session with my machine. I cant stand the though of loose grounds in the grouphead.

    2) I do a weekly backflush with detergent made for coffee machines (sponsors here sell them). Cafetto is one of them.


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      Re: Silvia backflush

      Try this link for detailed instructions on backflushing Silvia.
      I use a blind filter on my Silvia. She likes to suspense.



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        Re: Silvia backflush

        Simply Coffee in Adelaide where I bought my machine said Id wreck it if I back flushed so Ive never done it. Sounds like I should eh?


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          Re: Silvia backflush

          Its always a good idea. They probably told you not to for warranty reasons. Just about everyone does it and we even do it at work. Its pretty safe as long as you dont leave the pump running with the blind filter in for longer than say 10 seconds. You should really only leave it on for 5 seconds tops, then switch it off.


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            Re: Silvia backflush

            I too was put off backflushing the Silvia by the manual. When I eventually did pluck up courage the amount of rubbish that came out was impressive! Also the solenoid valve eventually freed up letting much more water and detergent through. Now it gets a regular backfulsh as in the above post.


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              Re: Silvia backflush

              Put the rubber disc or blind filter in your pf, lock it in the group head, run the brew switch for 4 or 5 seconds and repeat a few times. Do it now and then with a bit of chemical detergent crap (stuff for espresso machines available from sponsors) and you should see the water coming out of the valve in the drip tray a bit dirty and oily. After the chemical back flush repaeat without it to flush and rinse it.

              It should be done often to ensure the machin is its best. If done properly it cannot harm the machine. Its easy to do.