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La Pavoni - Unknown Model

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  • La Pavoni - Unknown Model

    Hello All,

    This is my first post on coffeesnobs, but ive been lurking around here for the past couple of days, reading a fair few posts and i must say this is a certainly a wonderful place to learn more about coffee.

    I am a uni student and for the past year or so i have been contemplating getting a nice coffee machine and (hopefully, with time) producing an acceptable standard of coffee. Prior to joining coffeesnobs i was happy to purchase a $150-$200 sunbeam/breville, but as im sure many people have also happen to them, i discovered this would hardly give me an acceptable quality of coffee. So i started looking around to see what i could get hold of second hand and i tracked down a La Pavoni at a price i am willing to pay $200-400. This model i was unable to track down on the internet, but it bears a very distinct similarity to Pub V1, which i know retails new for around $3000+ australian dollars. From what i understand the current own has the machine plumbed in and i suspect that if it is in anyway similar to the Pub V1 it will only operate if it is plumbed in.

    I was simply interested to know if anyone had any idea model this machine is and if so any facts or information concerning the machine including its estimated value.

    Have a good evening all!


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    Re: La Pavoni - Unknown Model

    Hi Mitchell and welcome.
    I cant help you with the model but it looks very similar to a single group version of my machine which is a P/Tre 2 group semi auto.

    A few things at a glance.
    External or internal pump? Im 90% sure this machine will need an exrternal pump/motor. If so, make sure it comes with it or youll be up for another $300-$350.
    The electroinc touchpads are notoriously tempremental and can be expensive to replace.
    The steam function on these machines is so-so at best. If you wanna work on your "latte art"- this is not the machine! Youll produce a decent-ish micro-foam, but nothing as good as alot of high-end doestic machines will produce.

    I would think it would need a pro-service, depending on its history this may be a simple seal replace etc etc - or it may not be and MIGHT end up costing $$$...BUYER BEWARE!!

    Thats the bad I can think of at a glance.

    The Good?

    It doesnt neccesarily have to be plumbed in, with some ingenuity, you can get around it. Contact me if you buy it and Ill explain how I did mine.
    These things are built like a tank, solid, sturdy and will pull very good espresso all day every day for a long while yet - if treated nicely.
    Heat Exchange means pouring a shot and steaming milk simultaneously- good for the quality of your coffee and convenient.
    ...and having a commercial machine on your kitchen bench is just the sort of overkill that appeals to me!

    My advice is this. BE CAREFUL. But if you happen to have found a good and complete machine for that money, you may have done very well, but the "pros" of having a commercial machine are potentially accompanied by "cons", so go in with your eyes wide open.

    Cheers and good luck.


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      Re: La Pavoni - Unknown Model

      Looks remarkably like one that is for sale on evilbay at the moment. It is described as "La Pavoni Pub Espresso Machine.This is a Professional/industrial Machine" " circa mid 1980s"

      Dont know how accurate that is. Hope this helps. 8-)


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        Re: La Pavoni - Unknown Model

        Thanks Stan and coffeebreath for your quick responses,

        Yeah, your posts worry me a bit, namely due to the possible hidden costs of this set-up. Stan, if its from the 1980s then i think it may be a bit old for my taste, would you by any chance know what years this was manufactured in?

        -Regards, Mitchell.


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          Re: La Pavoni - Unknown Model

          Sorry I was just browsing evilbay looking for a possible purchase and saw it listed. That was all the information on it.


          If you copy this link into your browser it will take you to the machine.

          Good Hunting


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            Re: La Pavoni - Unknown Model


            with these machines...

            "Age shall not weary them.... nor the years condemn"....

            Age isnt that important. My twin group is 20 years old..... worked really hard for the first 18 of those..... and will continue for ever (well I think it will)

            but the condition is important.... does everything work? are all the bits there? has it been regularly serviced and properly maintained? If the answer to any of these is "no" or "I dont know" then dont purchase it or find out before you do purchase it what you will be up for.

            These machines will last forever as the parts are well made (and expensive to replace).... so if you can get one in good condition - its a great buy (regardless of age) but even a relatively new one which is in poor condition or needs some bits can cost a fortune!


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              Re: La Pavoni - Unknown Model

              Google La Pavoni Pub numerous listings are shown. They apparently still make the machines by that name although they are later models by the look of them. It is possible they still make parts maybe. :-/


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                Re: La Pavoni - Unknown Model

                Thank you everybody for your informative and helpful replys it has been a wonderful welcome to the forum.

                In regard to the machine, i will see how things go, but given the right price and condition i think i might go for it.

                I will keep everybody informed on how it goes.


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                  Re: La Pavoni - Unknown Model


                  You mentioned that you expect the La Pavoni would need an external pump/motor. Without this i assume it would not work in anyway whatsoever?



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                    Re: La Pavoni - Unknown Model

                    Im almost positive this machine does not have an internal pump.
                    And yeah, the pump and the motor that drive it are needed to change the pressure from "mains" pressure to the 9-10 bar needed for espresso extraction.
                    BUT- the pump and motor SHOULD be included with the sale of the machine.
                    Cheers, Anthony


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                      Re: La Pavoni - Unknown Model


                      Single group commercial machines with all the bits and in good working condition tend to fetch $1000 - $1200..... so if the seller knows what the machine is worth the asking price is probably reasonable if you assume no motor/pump is included.... a motor and pump will set you back $500 or more (unless you can get one secondhand).....

                      And without those the machine is just an expensive paper weight (or maybe a boat anchor )

                      Two groups on the other hand only fetch about $400 - $600 as they are bigger and require a higher current power run (hence why I have a two group)


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                        Re: La Pavoni - Unknown Model

                        this is the pavoni importer
                        02 9560 7000 they have been importing these machines since the day dot