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Changing Steam Wand Gaggia Classic to Silvia Wand

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  • Changing Steam Wand Gaggia Classic to Silvia Wand

    Just a bit of advice please.
    I know some of these matters have been covered in previous posts with other Gaggia machines.
    Can someone confirm that removal of old Gaggia Steam Wand just requires the use of an adjustable wrench/spanner to remove old wand and that the Silvia Wand  will easily insert in this  space with probably some type of "o" ring and perhaps if required some teflon tape.
    What I dont want to find is undoing the old wand will cause the connection piece to the steaming tubes to fall back in the casing of the machine requiring its removal, as I am not too handy with this stuff.

    Thanks for your help


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    Re: Changing Steam Wand Gaggia Classic to Silvia W

    There is some info on CS that indicate that there is a slight difference in circumference at the end of the nut end of the Silvia wand to the Gaggia. You then apparently have to file/sand or grind it back a fraction to make it fit. Being a lousy handyman with few tools I sent mine to site sponsor Di Bartolis to have one fitted. I sat back and picked it up 3 days later with no worry or hassles. My particular machine involved fitting from the insise as well. Not sure if that is always the case.
    Others may reply with more detailed info that has not already been in other threads. Good luck, you wont be dissapointed with the mod!


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      Re: Changing Steam Wand Gaggia Classic to Silvia W

      I did this mod to my Evolution the other day. I just used an adjustable spanner from the outside as the silver nut was protruding from underneath the casing. It was a bit fiddly but it did come off without damaging the brass part of the steam pipe.
      The silvia wand does need filing down a bit as you need to insert it quite far up into the brass part in order to get the old nut from the gaggia wand to screw in and its just that bit too big. Its just a case of filing it a little, then seeing if it fits. If it doesnt file it some more until it does!!
      I was supllied with two o-rings but i didnt use them as the original one stayed up in the brass pipe.
      Obviously my machines an evolution, but as long as the silver nut is sticking out you should be able to do it the same way i did.
      The mod is definately worth doing, Ive only had it a few days and im already getting great microfoam!!!
      Hope this helps


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        Re: Changing Steam Wand Gaggia Classic to Silvia W

        I did the mod about 5 weeks ago on a brand new Gaggia Classic, got the Silvia wand from Coffee Parts. The new wand came with two o-rings but you only need one.

        You should look through the threads for the one with pictures to guide you through. All you need is an adjustable wrench and a philips head screwdriver, takes no more than 10 minutes. A normal spanner would be easier if you have the right size.

        the *important* thing I found was that it is far easier to take the lid off and undo the brass nut at the top, then pull the whole wand and tube out before trying to undo the silver nut and fit the new wand. I didnt have to file anything down, it was a perfect fit.


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          Re: Changing Steam Wand Gaggia Classic to Silvia W

          I got the Silvia wand and two o-rings for my Classic. Took the top off to have a peek inside (pretty straightforward) and grab hold of what need to be loosened, but the existing hex nut actually protruded below the casing so I could actually change the thing from the outside (and still can in about 30secs).

          In my case, I re-used the existing o-ring with no drama and no modification to the Silvia wand. The Silvia o-rings were actually slightly too large although I probably could have filed the tube on the Silvia wand down a bit if I didnt have the Gaggia o-ring.

          Hardest thing was getting the Gaggia hex nut off the Gaggia wand as it has a severe s-bend. I had to straighten it a bit and in doing so, I marked the Gaggia wand a little, but i can still interchange the two quite easily if I want to.

          I would have to say that I still cant get perfect micro-foam, but Im being a bit picky I think as I have had some very good results. Wasnt happy at all with the Gaggia foam enhancer thingy and if you take it off, the residual wand is too short to fit in a jug. I found that I could get froth with the enhancer, but the milk wasnt hot enough. In summary, I am pleased with the change


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            Re: Changing Steam Wand Gaggia Classic to Silvia W

            Di Bartoli supply a brass adapter with the wand to make the process very easy and quick. All done without opening the machine up. Well worth it. It produces great foam, seems to be a bit quicker, and makes for a much easier clean up.