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  • "cappuccinatore" - saeco royal professional

    Just wondering if anyone here is familiar with this so called milk frothing device.
    I was given this machine as a wedding gift, and it produces a reasonable espresso.
    I havent been able to have much success using the cappuccinatore - i believe it is supposed to draw off milk froth from milk placed in a receptacle, and has a small pin allowing adjustment for froth quantity

    Would be gratful for any advice from those who have any familiarity with this component.

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    Re: "cappuccinatore" - saeco royal professional

    Ive had one of these for a number of years (its now my work machine) - I found to get any reasonable froth you have to stand there and hold the pin just short of fully disengaged. i.e. as you pull the pin up, theres a point where the milk stops flowing properly and its mainly steam - push it down a fraction from there.

    However, I prefer to use the steam wand on the front and theres a thousand threads on here about steaming milk the old fashioned way. I think the results were better and it was less work to clean - as you dont have to run water through it afterwards - just a quick wipe.


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      Re: "cappuccinatore" - saeco royal professional

      I purchased a Royal Cappuccino for our office about 4 years ago, partly because it had the cappuccinatore and partly due to the twin boiler & pump. I thought it would be easier for our staff to froth using the cappuccinatore, but in the end it can only produce average froth. The wand is much easier to keep clean and you can get far better results. Were over 20,000 cups from the machine now and have a number of staff who can achieve pourable foam, and the beginnings of hearts and rosettas.
      So, I recommend bypassing the cappuccinatore - use the wand and work on your frothing technique... Dont submerge the wand too far into the milk. Aim for a whirlpool effect in the milk, and be careful not to burn the milk. That was hard to teach people, so I ended up buying a thermometer with ideal milk temperature range markings. After frothing, always wipe down the wand and blast some hot water through the wand into the drip tray to get rid of any small milk build-up in the system.
      In order to improve the quality of the coffee shots, we consistently use the same beans and turnover our stock regularly. Ive increased the dose setting and made the grind finer, and Ive encouraged most people to use the "Small cup" button for a more concentrated shot.


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        Re: "cappuccinatore" - saeco royal professional

        I purchased one about 12 months ago. With the following reasons, - quick, consistent, easy to clean, all in one unit and my wife can use it with easy. (As I go aways a fair bit)

        1 recommendation is to work out the pour size for each button. I played with all the menus and did a factory reset (by accident). So I reprogrammed the small , medium and large buttons.

        (to do this - press and holding the particular espresso size you dont like, have a measuring cup underneath, release when you are happy. eg small / 20ml, medium / 30 ml) I think it delivers beautiful, consistent shots.

        I agree with the steaming wand comments. Ive only used the "cappuccinatore" feature once just to see it work. It doesnt look to friendly for cleaning!

        Good Luck,


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          Re: "cappuccinatore" - saeco royal professional

          The autofrother on most of these unit are very pedantic at best, need to be cleaned a lot and once it start to melt the thing become next to useless.

          You can get with little practice with the steam wand some amazing results with milk frothing and can be better than the autofrother.