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Nemox Dell Opera - Leaking Hose

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  • Nemox Dell Opera - Leaking Hose

    Hi everyone,

    I bought a second hand Nemox Dell Opera at the beginning of the year and was very happy with it so far.
    A couple of days ago I noticed water dripping out from the bottom corners of the front panel when pulling a shot. It started with a tiny trickle and now theres lots coming out.

    I opened up the top to see whats wrong and it was fairly obvious. Theres a tiny hole in one of the hoses and when theres pressure on (i.e. brewing) thats where the water shoots out from. I attached a picture in which I marked the leaking hose.
    If I identify the components of the machine correctly thats the hose from the boiler to the 3-way solenoid valve, is that right ?

    Now Im wondering how Im going to replace it and where Ill get the parts from. Do I just need to get some suitable hose and re-use the brass connectors ? Or should I get a replacement hose with the connectors fitted ? In either case: where would I get the parts (I live in Brisbane) ?

    Im still somewhat clueless about why this puncture happened in the first place. Before opening the machine I expected to find a leaking seal or a loose hose connector somewhere .

    [img]nemox_dell_opera_opened copy.jpg[/img]

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    Re: Nemox Dell Opera - Leaking Hose

    no replies .... but time for an update in case any other Nemox owners run into the same problem:

    I first contacted one of the site sponsors who sells coffee parts for different machines. He was sure (based on the picture) that what I needed is some 4x6 tubing so I went ahead and mail-ordered a metre of the stuff (the smallest quantity they sell). It arrived the following day but turned out to be the wrong diameter of tubing. The Nemox Dell Opera apparently uses some proprietary tubing with non-standard diameter. The person from said coffee part supplier said I would probably have a hard time finding the right part.  

    A few phone calls later I talked to someone at the Nemox importer to Australia ******************* who put me through to their workshop. I was told they normally dont send out spare parts but when I explained that couriering the machine to Sydney and back would be a bit much he was quite sympathetic and gave me an email address that I sent  the above picture to (and a few more detailed ones). Two days later I called again and was told that they identified the part and would send it to me. I waited more than two weeks and nothing happened. I called them up and it turned out that the part had indeed been sent but must have been lost in the mail. They posted another one which arrived. Finally (after more than 4 weeks and spending more than $30 on postage)  my machine works again and makes excellent coffee.

    All in all I have to say that everyone involved was very helpful. However, chasing up the right part with numerous emails and phone calls was not much fun. Thus, for anyone who is tossing up between a Silivia and a Nemox (as I did a few months ago): I think they make coffee of similar quality but spare yourself the headache of non-standard parts and go with the Silvia. Not much difference when the machine works, but youll save yourself a lot of trouble when it breaks.

    Link to NON Site-Sponsor removed in accordance with Site Sales and Posting Policy.....



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      Re: Nemox Dell Opera - Leaking Hose

      Glad to hear that you got your machine sorted out eventually "plugulp", thats the main thing I guess. In defense of the Nemox though, Id have to say that this is the first time I have heard of that particular mode of failure and I owned a similar style of machine for a number of years that provided me with stellar service (and coffee ).

      For some reason though, these machines have had a somewhat chequered history where support is concerned in recent years. Importers and distributors have been playing a kind of "musical chairs" game and the company you linked to (not a Site Sponsor by the way) is just the last of many who have gone before. A real pity in my view, as these are really excellent machines and quite well made. Maybe it will all get sorted out in time....

      Cheers ,


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        Re: Nemox Dell Opera - Leaking Hose

        I just re-read my last post and it sounded very negative.
        Mal sums it up really nicely. I second his opinion that these are really excellent machines and I must have been particularly unlucky to experience this defect.
        Enjoying my coffee ....


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          Re: Nemox Dell Opera - Leaking Hose

          Good to hear that you got it sorted eventually! My Del Opera is still going strong after 5 years.


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            Re: Nemox Dell Opera - Leaking Hose

            Now, a few weeks later (the machine working again) there is a somewhat disappointing end to the story.

            The generic coffee parts supplier (a site sponsor) told me on the phone that I could send back the tubing (that was the wrong size) to get a refund. Did that ... but never got the refund. Several emails, no reply.

            The Nemox importer (not a site sponsor) charged me for the replacement part twice although only one arrived. I believe they were sent insured (in any case, only the sender can ask Australia Post to track a lost parcel). Several emails, no reply.

            In the end, replacing such a trivial part cost me A$80 and countless emails and phone calls. Not impressed.