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My 1973 LaPavoni Europiccola

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  • My 1973 LaPavoni Europiccola

    Hi all

    I bought the LaPavoni Europiccola for sale here last week. Just got it today
    and have been having a great time with it. I have read lots on lever machines
    and how difficult it is to pull any shot so wasnt expecting anything great,
    nor even to make drinkable coffee first off :-)

    First of all it was from "Pioneer Roaster" in Queensland. Jason packed it
    really well and its condition is excellent for a 1973 machine! It was alread
    clean but still I pulled it apart and gave it a check over, cleaned the switch
    and other bits, removed some grounds up around the gasket around the

    Then I had to try a pull. I just placed some nice beans that Jason sent me in
    my Macap with the same grind as I had used on the Galatea, dosed to a heap on
    the PF, one very light tap, levelled off and tamped. Machine had been on for
    10 mins on power level I (after a few minute level II boils the water and I
    switch to level I). Lifted lever, waited 10 secs, pulled down - I felt a firm
    even pressure and out came coffee and crema.

    The LaPavoni shot was a bit brighter than the same beans from the Galtea,
    slightly darker crema but certainly what I would call an "OK" shot. I drank 1/2
    then my wife and I frothed some milk and Jill added that to the rest of the
    shot and downed it all. I just did another few shots later in the arvo and its
    great. It froths milk very well. Jill though that it would be piss weak at
    frothing based on the small size of the machine - not so :-)

    Im very pleased with the machine. It looks great and Ill be trying to achieve
    my God shot with it :-)

    A few pics follow.
    This one is of the machine pulled apart a bit. Easy to disassemble and then clean.


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    Re: My 1973 LaPavoni Europiccola

    Then reassembled. Looks nice eh :-)


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      Re: My 1973 LaPavoni Europiccola

      One more before the results ....


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        Re: My 1973 LaPavoni Europiccola

        and the results ....

        The pic here was taken 2 mins after the shot. OKies the crema isnt thick but the shot was quite nice. These were "Heritage Blend" beans from Pioneer Roastery roasted last week. Must try some of my Monsooned Malabar beans I roasted last week.

        Anyhow Im quite chuffed by the machine. It looks great, make nice coffee and I now just have to pull a God shot :-)

        PS. And join the Lever Machine World Domination Plot :-)


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          Re: My 1973 LaPavoni Europiccola

          Congratulations Mike - what a fantastic little machine.

          Im sure there were many of us considering what side of the bench it would look best on when it went up for sale


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            Re: My 1973 LaPavoni Europiccola

            I did.... its just that I had no bench left after a certain Cimbali took over.... I was eyeing off the coffeetable

            Looks good Mike! Its a shiny bugger eh!


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              Re: My 1973 LaPavoni Europiccola

              Can I be a little envious Mike?
              Just a little :
              But alas no room for it at my place either

              Good luck with it mate and hope the god shot is not to far off
              Now I don’t want you to jump ship to the other forum as you alluded to?

              We will miss your posts


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                Re: My 1973 LaPavoni Europiccola

                Hey guys

                The machine is as smart as my mother too. Did you ever get gential violet painted on your fingernails as a kid to stop you biting your nails? Bitter as hell :-)

                Well the LaPavoni looks after you well. Once you have had one or two shots it deliberately gets too hot and will only make you a bitter brew. You have to let it coll down to cold again. So it looks after you - ensuring that you only have a limited number of espressos a day :-)

                My procedure is evolving. I pre-dose and tamp the small basket and sit it on top of the Galtea warming tray with my shot glass to stay hottish. Then turn of the LaPavoni. It takes just 2.5 mins to come to boiling. Run some water through the head to warm it and its ready. Gee I could get up at midnight and have a shot in 5 minutes.

                Cleaning up takes a little while though. The coffee gets up around the showerhead and the gap is quite small, so tricky to clean. I need to do a PF shuffle with hot water running to clear it out or use an upside down squirt bottle.

                Now if only it had provenance back to James Bond :-)



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                  Re: My 1973 LaPavoni Europiccola

                  Lovely looking machine, Mike. Here is a link to a copy of the original instruction sheet if you dont have it.



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                    Re: My 1973 LaPavoni Europiccola

                    Hey thanks Andrew

                    Thats most useful, nice to have a copy of the original one in color. I had been going off videos on YouTube and internet articles on how to use it.

                    Interestingly my model is very slightly different. My switch has an red on/off and a white I/II power switch and I just have the single spout.

                    One thing I dont have (I have search via Google only) is a detailed description of what were the changes in what years so I can confirm that mine is 1973 or so. I know the Millenium changes in 2000 as they were quite extensive changes and are reviewed but prior to that Im not sure.



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                      Re: My 1973 LaPavoni Europiccola

                      You are welcome, Mike.
                      This might help your quest: