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Nervous about using blind basket

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  • Nervous about using blind basket

    Soooo.....i put in the rubber blank into my filter basket and let the brew cycle

    run for six seconds...i noticed little spurts of water escaping from the sides of

    gasket near grouphead. I shut off the pump and the solenoid kicked in and whoosh

    the water went into the tray.

    Its freaking me out...leaving the brew cycle running with a blank. I feel like im damaging

    the pump and creating undue pressure on the components.

    I want to check the flow rate via Sparkys previous post about removing the OPV tube

    and placing it into a cup trying to get roughly 100ml in 30seconds.

    I heard the pump is supposed to go silent or something like that after a few seconds.

    I also read Gaggia does not recommend doing a blackflush..but why then did i get a rubber

    blank with the Classic when bought?


    I know you guys know what your talking any advice here is appreciated.

    Im probably worrying over nothing.


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    Re: Nervous about using blind basket

    Yeah thats what happens from memory (havent used my baby for quite a wihle now). If theres a noise scale from 1-10; when you first flick the switch the noise of the pump will be around the 8 mark, then after a few seconds (maybe 6, maybe 8) when the system is pressurised, the noise will drop to arounda 4 - so not quite silent, but more a muffled hum rather than a loud hum.

    This is probably the least scientific way of putting it btw haha.

    Oh and tighten up your PF into the group.


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      Re: Nervous about using blind basket

      Hi pravspresso

      I have a Gaggia clasic and have been back flushing for three years now.

      I use the blind basket put the cleaning powder in and off I go. I run the pump for 10 sec then repeat 5 or 6 times. I then loosen the group hand and run the pump for another 10 sec --- this washed the grit off the seal at the top. Then I run clean water through it until the drain tray is full.

      I use my machine at least 10 times a day. I do a water only backflush every day and a cleaning powder back flush (as above) once a week.

      I hope this helps.