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Rancilio Standard Baskets: 6g and 7g.

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  • Rancilio Standard Baskets: 6g and 7g.

    Ive been drinking quite a bit of coffee these past few weeks. Would typically split a 14g shot between a demitasse and a 170ml tulip for a capp and a mac. This ritual would occur 3-4 times a day...

    Been having some reflux problems lately. Doctor says i need to avoid alcohol and caffeine as they dilate the esophagal-stomach junction and promote reflux. I dont mind not drinking at all. but to stop coffee  >  !!!

    Ok ok.. compromise. I figured that if i could use a smaller single basket, my caffeine intake would be halved. Maybe just a cap OR just a mac during each coffee break ritual. Dumping half a double shot during each ritual is just painful and i dont like to waste coffee. Im now thinking of ordering the Rancilio 6g or 7g baskets from one of the site sponsors.

    Does anyone know:

    1) Is there any difference between the 6g and 7g baskets?
    2) Im using an EM6910 standard portafilter with springs designed for ridgeless baskets. Will I need new springs for the rancilio baskets?

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    Re: Rancilio Standard Baskets: 6g and 7g.

    hi ezralimm

    the 7 gr basket is easier to work with, it holds more coffee
    the 6910 pf works best with a ridgeless basket due to the low position of the spring

    sunbeam 7 gr single baskets are available for the 6910


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      Re: Rancilio Standard Baskets: 6g and 7g.

      oh really?

      Ive not come across them anywhere. Do you carry them?


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        Re: Rancilio Standard Baskets: 6g and 7g.

        Get a second opinion.

        I have a colleague at work that told me that although she loves coffee she cant have it often because of reflux.

        I suggested to her it might be exacerbated by bad coffee and offered to make her one of mine.

        Using the 36910 at work and my home roasted Kimel, I made (in her own words) "the best coffee she had ever had".
        Oh, and no reflux!

        I drink 3 x 20g shots a day with no problem.