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  • PF Wiggle with Blank


    Ive just been experimenting a little with my new silvia. My blank filter just came in the mail today and after each shot, Ive started to use the blank, run the pump and just let a tiny amount of pressure build up then loosen the PF. I repeat this 3 or 4 times. I dont let enough pressure build up so that it is hard to loosen the PF.

    I find that this also cleans and dislodges coffee grinds etc from all around the group. Saving the need to wipe it. If I wipe, it comes away clean.

    Is this going to be ok for the machine? does anyone else use this method? I figured its probably a bit more gentle than backflushing.

    Thanks alot

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    Re: PF Wiggle with Blank

    Hi Ed, I do similar, not every time a pull a shot but regularly, I use a rubber disc in the pf, flick brew switch until it fills pf and then release pressure empty and do it again with pf looser so that water cleans the seal and screen, it is amazing the amount of gunk that comes out even after just a couple of shots.


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      Re: PF Wiggle with Blank

      yea I think it works really well...>I guess the only concern i had was wear on the brass in the group. but I think as long as its kept gentle it should be fine.

      It couldnt be putting the pump under anymore pressure than backflushing...


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        Re: PF Wiggle with Blank

        I do this after every session too... Very quick and easy to do and usually include a couple of quick back-flushes too. When you couple this with a weekly proper back-flush routine using a reputable espresso cleaning product, your machine will remain in pristine condition, and your coffee will taste great every time.... 8-)