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  • Which machine to buy?

    Ive been asking this question in other areas of the forum. Ive now pretty much decided to spend a bit more and get a better quality machine and grinder than I first intended to. I could get the Silvia/Rocky combo, but it has a long heat-up time which concerns me. Ive also been reading about the Nemox Dell Opera with built-in grinder, which sounds good as it wouldnt take up so much bench space. I want an easy to use machine - nothing complicated. Id also like equipment that will last well if Im going to spend this kind of money.

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    Re: Which machine to buy?

    Hi Judy, when I upgraded from Via Venezia (5 min warmup) to Silvia it took me a while to adjust to turning on and waiting for her to warm up. With the solid brass fittings it takes a while to heat them up, I usually switch it on when I get out of bed or arrive home and do some other things until she warms up. The wait is worth it with a great shot of espresso.
    I dont know about warm-up times for other machines but I imagine any solidly built machine with brass components will take time to heat up.
    Im sure all the Gaggia, VBM owners etc will give you plenty of information on their machines.
    Good luck with your


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      Re: Which machine to buy?

      What you need to do Judy is take up jogging. Get up at the crack of dawn (like I do   ) or whenever... turn your machine on, then when you get back from your run you will be all set to enjoy a nice "cuppa" (actually I think thats a term used more for tea...)

      Others use a timer that works well for turning your machine on in the morning or perhaps when you get home from work. I would think that if youre home during the day then the preheat isnt so much of an issue.

      My machine takes approx. 30 > 45 minutes.


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        Re: Which machine to buy?

        I want a machine that makes nice coffee and which I can leave on all day safely. We leave ours on from approx 6am to 3pm each day and husband, son and I can make a coffee whenever we feel like it. I really dont want to have to wait 30 minutes each time, and neither will they. Is there such a machine?


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          Re: Which machine to buy?

          I have mentioned it before
          You need a super automatic



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            Re: Which machine to buy?

            The question of the ages.


            1) What machine/grinder/roasting/etc. experience do you have?

            2) If your willing to go above a Silvia Combo in price why not try out the new
            Oscar Nuova (HX). Just slap on a timer and your laughing. It can do what your
            asking. You will need a good grinder "rocky/mazzer/etc" and "fresh" beans.
            The new one has the updated pressure stat which solves past issues this
            machine had. The steam it produces is like a continuous tornado..just amazing.
            The grouphead "awesome".
            It has an auto fill sequence which is fantastic, huge water tank and boiler.

            If you dont have experience then i agree with above suggestion get a superauto.

            I recently purchased a used Nespresso machine for the masses at work. It was
            a experiment to see how people responded to the shot quality vs. the shops
            outside of us. I only use it once every 2 weeks during cigar time. Its actually on
            par with the garbage espresso bars around us. There is no difference in quality.
            But its like a 6 out of 10 in comparison to the espresso i get at home.

            ps. Ive accidentally left it on for days at a time and its fine. It is the easiest
            hassle free shot of semi-tolerable espresso you can get taking $$$ into

            I use a Gaggia Classic PIDd but i cant leave it on all day and do successive shots
            like you want so im not going to elaborate.

            cheers! hope this helps.....

            PPS. If you dont know already...Make sure you use top quality beans fresh beans.
            If not?...its like putting low grade gas into a just doesnt work.
            If you do decide on the Oscar...make sure it has the new Sirai Pressure Stat.
            You can also see SweetMarias which has good reviews on items.
            Ive added a pic. of the pressure stat.
            Youtube link:


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              Re: Which machine to buy?

              KK, Ill go to Gilkatho and look at the superautos this week.

              Pravspresso, in answer to your questions:

              1) Weve had cheap throwaway machines for about 7 years. I cant even remember the first one - I think it was a Sunbeam. last one was a Breville Cafe Roma which broke after 2 - 3 years. At the moment were using a Cafe Roma which belongs to our son. I get freshly ground coffee from Merlo about every 10 days. I know this is sacrilege and I will be getting a good grinder to stop this terrible habit. Ill still buy fresh Merlo beans though as I love their espresso blend.

              2) Ill do some research on the Oscar.


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                Re: Which machine to buy?

                I would give Dennis Wells a call (cuppacoffee from sponsors list at left). He still has his Jura automatic up for sale. These are Swiss made and apparently among the best as far as auto machines go. And at $800 it will cost you much less than 1/2 the price of a new one

                Here it is:



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                  Re: Which machine to buy?

                  Thanks Flyynaus but I dont want to buy second-hand.

                  The Oscar sounds good after reding a few reviews. But where in Brisbane can I get one?


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                    Re: Which machine to buy?

                    Have a look at this - ready to brew in 5min, 26secs!


                    Ive done this a few times and it does work. I do prefer to let things heat up "au natural" though.

                    Its also surprising how good you get at preempting the want for coffee.


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                      Re: Which machine to buy?

                      Judy check your pm


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                        Re: Which machine to buy?

                        Thanks tomsk and Marshall.

                        That Silvia routine looks SO complicated. Not only would I have to learn it, but my husband and uni student son as well, and other 2 kids when they come to stay. I dont think the Silvia is for me, somehow, although Im tempted because of all the good reviews.

                        Ill see if I can see the Oscar at Bowen Hills this week. Do you think they might have the Nemox there too, Marshall?


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                          Re: Which machine to buy?

                          Sorry, Martial.


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                            Re: Which machine to buy?

                            My advice, for what its worth, is get the Silvia. Ive got Mals old Mokita (made by the people who do Nemox I think) and while theres probably not much difference between that and the Silvia, whenever I need a gasket I have to wait months for parts. Whereas for the more popular Silvia, you can get spare parts express posted the next day from Coffee Parts and its probably slightly easier to repair a Silvia as well.

                            And PIDs mean pretty much instant temperature control which could simplify your routine a whole lot.