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Any Info on Gaggia Cubika?

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  • Any Info on Gaggia Cubika?

    Im looking a buying a Gaggia Cubika brand new for $300. Im wondering if anyone owns one, and interested in pros and cons of the machine. Any info would be much appreciated.

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    Any info on Gaggia Baby Twin?

    Hi second time poster, but first post was a dud. Were looking a buying a Gaggia Baby Twin for $300? Does any one have one? Were interested in any info on the machine. Any pros and cons would be greatful. Thanks


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      Re: Any Info on Gaggia Cubika?

      Welcome Bb...

      A search of coffeesnobs discovered the following link...

      More judicious searches via Google may reveal even more info.... :



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        Re: Any Info on Gaggia Cubika?

        Thanx for the link. Dont think Ill buy a Gaggia, think Ill save my money and buy something a bit better quality.


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          Re: Any Info on Gaggia Cubika?

          Hmmm...... time to come out from lurking!

          Have watched with interest the Gaggia debate for a while now - here and elsewhere on the net. After twelve "happy" years with a Baby Gaggia, we went straight to a Baby Twin to replace it when our machine gave up the ghost earlier this year. The Baby Twin was nothing but trouble! In fact not one but two machines that we tried failed. It would seem that they have just tried to be too clever - double boilers and continuous steaming? OK if it works but when it doesnt - just a pain in the neck. Then of course there is the steam arm issue. I know there is a modification for this, but with all its other faults, why bother with the Baby Twin?

          For us it has been a case of Miss Silvia to the rescue! This is a fantastic machine - robust, functional and, above all, reliable. It might be a few dollars more than the Gaggia, but it is worth every additional cent! Grinder and skill level issues notwithstanding, Silvia sets the home barista up with a fighting chance of producing an excellent result, shot after shot.


          PS Feel also that I should mention that Gaggia were very understanding when we were having problems with Baby Twin - acknowledged the problem, agreed that they couldnt fix it and ensured that we were able to be refunded.