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Cleaning Rancilio Silvia?

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  • Cleaning Rancilio Silvia?


    Have had my silvia since June and was trying to work out whether I should backflush it with cleaning solution? I have been told that nasty things could go wrong :-/ Any thoughts on how I can clean the silvia?


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    Re: Cleaning Rancilio Silvia?

    make google your friend, or do a search here. theres bound to be a stack of info re miss silvia. yeah, the manual says not to backflush - but most people (the informed ones) do chemical backflush. some do it daily, weekly, bi monthly, etc. depends on usage .

    while i wont give u a money back guarantee, backflushing miss silvia is safe (providing you follow some solid backflushing advice, eg not leaving the pump running for a long time with a blind filter). its probably more simple than you imagine.




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      Re: Cleaning Rancilio Silvia?

      Im pretty sure theres some good guides to anti-calcing and backflushing around, but havent gone searching yet. Id be keen to find out too, so let me know if you come up with something.


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        Re: Cleaning Rancilio Silvia?

        When I had mine, I backflushed weekly. About monthly(ish) Id remove the showerscreen and do a full on clean with cafetto.

        My sister has a Silvia and has never backflushed it. It was no longer working so well Removal of the showerscreen was a bit of a shocker! I ended up disassembling the 3 way valve to remove the built up crud.

        All in all it took probably an hour or so. Miss Silvia is a pretty simple machine.