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  • Gaggia Classic + mods

    Lo all. Ive been lurking around these forums for some time and finally decided to register.
    So I thought Id start my CS life by showing what I have.
    I currently own a Gaggia Classic (purchased a few months ago) and previously have had modded Brevilles (shot timers that control the pump/preheat/etc).
    Within a few days of buying the Classic, I went and ordered a Silvia steam wand through Mocopan (see this thread), very good service I may add - overnighted from Sydney to Bendigo.
    Over the last few weeks Ive also been tweaking the OPV (see this thread) to get some real lovely shots and also plumbed in the drip tray (using 4mm fish tank tubing and some garden irrigation fittings).
    And finally, tonight I installed a PID controller using the kit from NON-Sponsor link removed by Mods
    The result:

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    Re: Gaggia Classic + mods

    Your Classic certainly now looks impressive when compared to my standard classic.

    Excuse my ignorance of use of PIDs but with the PID installed is it now possible to reduce the time lag between coffee and suitable stream generation for frothing? I was wondering if the PID indicated a shorter "recovery" time than waiting for the light to indicate that the machine is ready to froth?


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      Re: Gaggia Classic + mods

      Generally PID controllers only have one setpoint (ie. for brew temperature) so they wont exactly help you with steam.
      But as far as brewing is concerning, recovery times are increased due to the fact that the controller will notice the temperature drop and try to bring it back up to the setpoint straight away rather than waiting 30 odd degrees like the stock bi-metallic thermostat does.