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EM6910 and lower-dose filter baskets?

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  • EM6910 and lower-dose filter baskets?


    Ive had an EM6910 for a couple of months, paired a couple of weeks ago
    with a Rocky doserless grinder.  Im generally happy with the combination, getting decent coffee and improving as I get more skilled.
    I usually am making a single coffee at a time, using the standard single basket.  Taking 7g as a standard single dose, the standard EM6910 basket has at least a double capacity and its standard double basket is more than a triple.  Reducing the dose in the single basket is a bit hit and miss since it becomes too shallow around the perimeter; Ive not tried a single dose in the double basket but I suspect it may be a little shallow too.  I am using the half-way decent tamper that comes with
    the EM6910 - anything posher will have to wait a while!

    So in the interests of getting through less coffee per cup I was thinking
    of trying either:

    - a synesso single basket - nominally 7g but can take up to 12g
      as far as Ive read

    - a synesso ridgeless double basket, nominally 14g but can take
      up to 18g I think;  yes I know this is still a double, but since
      the standard EM6910 single takes that much I figured if the
      machine really needs that much I could at least benefit from the
      profile of a double basket in tamping and extraction

    So does anyone have any experience of using those baskets
    in the EM6910, or any other advice?



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    Re: EM6910 and lower-dose filter baskets?

    I replced my Expobar double basket with an LM one and recently replaced that with the Synesso.

    The Expobar basket then got used for a few month in a 6910.
    It worked.

    Saying all that, I see no reason why it wouldnt work.


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      Re: EM6910 and lower-dose filter baskets?

      Its interesting this topic should come up again.

      I had started a thread a few weeks back along similar lines:

      Interestingly, I never got anywhere. I asked coffeeparts who told me synesso baskets (which they didnt sell) were the ticket.

      I also asked a few people individually, including someone who had a blog article on the same issue. Basically he never got anywhere with it either.

      TG, other than just working, would you say the taste was any different? Did it take less coffee?


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        Re: EM6910 and lower-dose filter baskets?

        I cant give you a definite answer because I never compared them side by side.
        The reason I took mine in to work was because they lost the SB double basket (again).

        I remember the 6910 basket was smaller than the 6900 one.
        If I had to guess Id say there wasnt much in it.

        Taste difference to me.