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  • Nemox puck queries

    I have recently started using a Nemox Dell Opera and I am wondering if someone could offer me advice on puck problems.

    If I remove the portafilter immediately after pulling a shot I find the puck is very soggy and subsequently messy when knocking out.

    On my last effort I left the portafilter in after doing the shot whilst steaming the milk. Once I had finished steaming I removed the portafilter and found that the puck was dry and firm.

    Can anyone tell me if by leaving the portafilter in for a period of time (5 mins) with a used puck in it is bad for the machine?? If not I will make this my new routine.

    Any advice appreciated.



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    Re: Nemox puck queries

    Gday 10ett....

    It could be that you are slightly under-dosing the basket and then grinding a little too fine to make up for the lower dose. Try grinding a little coarser and filling the basket a little more and then see how you go. Ideally, you want to arrive at a position that, after tamping, and then locking in the PF, you observe just the slightest impression of the shower-screen/screw on the top of the (dry)puck when you unlock the PF again.

    If you practise doing this until it becomes second nature while achieving this consistent dose and tamp, you should start to observe dryer pucks. More importantly though, is how the coffee tastes in the cup and this should always be your final guide when learning to adjust your technique.

    All the best