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Gaggia Classic not pumping water

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  • Gaggia Classic not pumping water

    Hi All,

    I did something pretty stupid. I got a timer for the power point and have it set so the coffee machine automatically gets switched on half an hour before i wake up in the morning to save myself time.

    To do this you have to leave the On/Off switch on the coffee machine in the On position so when the timer kicks in the coffee machine turns on. Well i wasnt paying attention and i accidentally left the other button "ON" aswell.. the button that makes the pump push water out of the group head.

    So this morning i get up late and find the coffee machine had switched on and pumped ALL its water onto the kitchen bench. lucky it wasnt that full. I figure the machine had been on for 30mins to an hour in this state until i switched it off.

    Now when i switch the coffee machine on it will heat up but the pump doesnt pump water at all. Its like the pump is dead.. no noise from it etc.

    Is there a fuse or something that may have blown that i can replace or have i killed the pump by leaving it on so long?

    If i need a new pump where can i get one from. I live on the GoldCoast

    I looked on the DiBartoli website at parts but they dont list a pump... assuming thats what i broke.

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    Re: Gaggia Classic not pumping water

    in case anyone was wondering... i ordered a new pump from DiBartoli. Installed it myself tonight (10 min job) and im back in business. all working fine.

    I had a look at the old pump when i pulled it out and it was melted


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      Re: Gaggia Classic not pumping water

      Great news geek. Unfortunate that it had to happen but you wont forget next time!!

      Long live the Gaggia!



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        Re: Gaggia Classic not pumping water

        For anyone wanting to purchase the pump. I got mine from dibartoli

        link here:


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          Re: Gaggia Classic not pumping water

          hi guys,
          you dont really need to warm up the machine for that long. i also have the classic and leave it on for about 5 minutes than run a cup of water through the shower head and all is good to go. this way it doesnt run the risk of running out of water etc...


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            Re: Gaggia Classic not pumping water

            So that cute little red that a kinda one-size-fits-most-domestic type machine pump? if my kids kill the pump on my little Ikon its only a minor annoyance instead of a major headache?