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Aussie in Israel: Need help with Baby Gaggia

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  • Aussie in Israel: Need help with Baby Gaggia

    Just walking through the door of the one service center here for gaggia in Israel costs you US$ here goes:

    Hope theres a kindly Gaggia expert out there....

    After removing the rose (The Stainless filter that the group handle snuggles up against) for cleaning I noticed there was only water coming from one of the 4 holes on the Rose Holder Assembly (Part 52). I would assume water should be coming from all 4?

    I have taken everything apart on the machine, cleaned and put back but theres still only water coming from one of the holes. I cannot get the Rose Holder Assembly to seperate from the Unit Body (part 25) On the exploded diagram it shows it should.

    Any help would be great.

    Diagram of was from here and is attached:

    Thanks, Chris

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    Re: Aussie in Israel: Need help with Baby Gaggia

    Hi Chris,
    By no means an expert but I did give a friends Gaggia a gasket change and clean up. In doing so, the Rose Holder assembly was removed for cleaning after taking out the screw/s and applying a little leverage with a screwdriver. Heat and grime will seal it pretty well so dont be afraid to apply some gentle force. Its brass and a little scratching it likely but of no great consequence.

    Good luck



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      Re: Aussie in Israel: Need help with Baby Gaggia

      As Epic said, you probably just need to use a little bit more force. It may indicate that there is bit of build up of gunk (coffee oils and the like) in between part 52 and part 25. It is definitely worth your while to get it out and give a good clean - possibly soak in Cafetto or some similar product.

      Let us know how you go!



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        Re: Aussie in Israel: Need help with Baby Gaggia

        Thanks guys....I used multi grips to try and pry it off and still could not get it loose...already soaked it in Cleancaf descaler.

        My other question was I assume that water is supposed to come from all 4 holes?



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          Re: Aussie in Israel: Need help with Baby Gaggia

          I cant remember the exact layout but in a nutshell, water should flow from all holes that arent screw holes.

          Not sure multigrips will be of much good in those circumstances. Due to the size and shape, I still think a screwdriver at the join is the ticket.

          Hoping to hear youve had a win!


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            Re: Aussie in Israel: Need help with Baby Gaggia

            I had the same problem with my classic.

            I got the screen off ok but the next bit wouldnt budge.

            I ended up giving it a tap upwards with a knockometer(hammer) and a peice of timber. This broke the gunk and it came off ok.

            I then gave it a scrub and after that water came out of all 4 holes.


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              Re: Aussie in Israel: Need help with Baby Gaggia

              Im having the same problem with my Gaggia Coffee.  I remember trying to take the "rose holder assembly" (/"dispersion disc"/"shower holding-plate") thing off when I first cleaned the machine but gave up quite quickly.  Now some years later I have to get it off to change the gasket and it definitely wont budge.  Ive spent hours trying to get it to move, levering it, hitting it, etc.  Ive taken the boiler out of the machine to get better access to it, and had the Gaggia Baby cleaner sitting around it (upended) for a week, and still no sign of movement.

              I had taken it to a shop for repair, but they gave it back to me unrepaired weeks later beacuse they were closing down.  I cant see how anyone can get this to budge and cant make up my mind whether to spend more money on another repairer looking at it, or just waiting until I can afford a replacemnet.

              So Im very interested in any other ideas anyone else has!  It does seem to be a problem that crops up a few times (eg see here: .  




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                Re: Aussie in Israel: Need help with Baby Gaggia


                Just registered to post my experience with removing the stuck "rose holder assembly" from my Gaggia Classic.  Mine was clogged like Chriss, and I could not get the assembly to seperate from the boiler.
                Heres how I got it loose:
                Removed the water tank.  
                Lay unit on its back.
                Removed shower screen.
                Removed 2 5mm allen screws from the rose holder assy.
                Tried using large standard screwdriver to pry it loose.  Tried from all angles.  Whacked it with a rubber faced hammer.  Didnt budge.
                Dug through my toolbox and found a foot-long pry bar for removing motorcycle tires.  
                Stuck the pry bar between the "unit body" and the rose holder.  There was only one angle which I could work with, and as it turns out, one only needs to pry on one part of the rose holder to break it free.  No need to pry back and forth, like something recessed into a hole.
                Applied quite a bit of gentile pressure to get the darned thing to move.

                Once the rose holder came out, I found it to be completely scaled and FULL of gunk.  Using a small flat screwdriver I carefully scraped all of the stuff off, taking special care not to gouge any of the mating surfaces.

                Water now runs through all the holes, as it should.  I can only imagine how much junk is built up in the rest of my machine.  One of the guys from work is going to loan me a blind filter basket and some descaler, so hopefully that should clean any remaining stuff out of the system.

                I also took a little time to wipe down the seldom seen parts of the machine, as they were pretty nasty too.  

                Hope this helps.



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                  Re: Aussie in Israel: Need help with Baby Gaggia

                  Thanks, Travis, for the advice, and to Renzo of Di Bartoli at the Aroma fest who suggested I just needed to hit it harder. AFter several hours of prising and knocking I finally just used a lot more force and it came off.