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  • Gaggia Classic Steam Capacity

    Hi all,

    I have a Gaggia Classic that I keep at my parents place in the country for weekend visits etc.

    One thing that has irritated me since I bought it (second hand a couple of years ago) is the steam capacity seems to be pretty dismal. It has *just* enough steam for 2 flat whites (say 200-250ml of milk in total). As I approach around 50 degrees I can hear the steam running out and I usually have just enough to get to 60. After that though it is basically blowing air out of the steam wand.

    I just wanted to get an idea from other Gaggia owners whether this is the typical experience with this machine. I know it has a pretty small boiler, but I would have thought it could manage enough steam for 200-250ml of milk. A friend suggested that maybe over time there had been a lot of build up of scale and other crud on the boiler, and had effectively reduced its size. Is this a likely reason for the steam capacity being seemingly low, or is it just a facet of the smaller gaggia boiler?

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    Re: Gaggia Classic Steam Capacity


    I think the machine is due for a clean, descale the boiler and see whta happen.


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      Re: Gaggia Classic Steam Capacity



      I steamed an easy 400ml this morning without a worry in the world.
      I have posted in that thread - look at #159 (on page 4).

      There maybe a build up of scale, but I would first read the above thread about tricking the thermostat to maximise your steaming power. Combined with the silvia steam arm mod - you should have a significant improvement. Failing that - a descale and service maybe required.



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        Re: Gaggia Classic Steam Capacity

        Hi guys, thanks for your replies.

        I already have the Silvia steam wand mod (sorry, probably should have mentioned that earlier).

        Thanks for that link, I have read most of that thread but didnt realise it also discussed techniques on getting more out of the steam. Ill give that timing trick a go next time I use the machine.

        Its very nice to hear you can steam 400ml without any issues, so clearly there is room for improvement in my machine. I agree that a good descale is probably long overdue (I dont imagine the previous owner ever did it). Will be interesting if that makes an appreciable difference.