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External pump and motor

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  • External pump and motor

    I was wondering if someone could advise me on how to mount an internal pump externally.

    It is to go on to a 20 year old Boema

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    Re: External pump and motor

    gimme a few mins to grab my camera


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      Re: External pump and motor

      its on this spring based bit of metal, i assume you can buy them?
      once we move its goig under the kitchen bench in a nice box of some sot to ensure nothing drips / bumps / fingers.

      works well but slides a little from the torque of starting, so it will eb screwed to something a bit heavier when in its new location.

      looks like you need the brackets that hold my motor
      will get a better shot of the pump end

      wiring would just be extended make sure you earth it with the green wire (AM might help there)
      any qs just ask


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        Re: External pump and motor

        i am 95% sure my motor "ends" are different to yours.

        the bit you see on the end in the 2nd pic where the drive shaft sticks out is attached to the motor case. allowing the rubber bush (black rubber ring in 2nd pic) to sit on its "keyway?" then its held to the bracket via that end clamp (radiator style sort of clamp)

        I looked and the end of my motor does not have a "seam" between the braket bit and the motor case (in the crack in the 1st pic)

        you may need a different sort of bracket ? my motor is an RPM s.p.a

        hope that helps


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          Re: External pump and motor

          Also see post #8 in


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            Re: External pump and motor

            can you remove the bracket from the machine and use that braket on a new base?

            wiring on my pump had a plug (female) on the end of the wiring so you could "plug" it to the machine via a cord from the machien. it would have meant it needed a "machine to male plug extension cord" that would have meant the wire from the machine would have been "live" if it had been unpluged and turned on (LIVE male plug!!! ) seemed very silly?
            so i hard wired for safety.

            In the new place i was gong to reverse this so
            machine has a "female" pump motor lead / wire
            pump has the "male" end
            so i can unplug to move etc.

            i like that shiny new pump !!
            PM me if you paid a good price and where