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what automatic coffee machine for the office should i get?

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  • what automatic coffee machine for the office should i get?


    Im after a recomendation for an office coffee machine that is automatic for grinding and making the coffee and then manual for steaming the milk. Around 30 lattes a day.

    I would ideally like twin boiler and twin pump I think so i can steam milk and make coffee at the same time.

    If you dont know of any machines please point me in the direction of a decent store in Melbourne that can help me out. where in fitzroy.

    Cheers Troy

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    Re: what automatic coffee machine for the office should i get?

    Weve had a Saeco Royal Cappuccino for a bit over 5 years.  Were currently doing around 30 cups/day and are sitting just over 29,000 in total.  It has been fairly reliable with 3 trips to the service company during the 5 years for minor repairs.  Apart from keeping the exterior & steam wand clean (and flushed), we have our cleaner wash-out the brew unit (very easy) each week.
    Ive gotta say though, the shot quality is variable, even though we use the same beans and settings.  Compared with the different manual machines Ive owned at home over the years (currently Silvia/Rocky), the Saeco shots are rarely as complex and flavoursome, but are sometimes surprisingly good.  Alas, I cant reproduce that quality consistently on the Saeco.  That being said, people learned to use & look after the Saeco pretty quickly, and this definitely wouldnt be the case with a manual machine.  Most people here drink latte-style coffees and hot chocolates and probably dont notice the shot quality differences or lack of taste.  Even though the coffee can look pretty good with a healthy crema (thanks to the brew unit), shots can taste thin/watery.  The Saeco brew units all seem to be pretty similar, so I dont think I could rate any one Saeco model above another.

    Good luck,